Wood River Controlled Use Area

Units: 20A

Area Description: The Wood River Controlled Use Area: the area consists of that portion of Unit 20(A) bounded on the north by the south side of the Rex Trail beginning at its intersection with the Totatlanika River, then easterly along the Rex Trail to Gold King airstrip, then from Gold King airstrip along the trail's extension along the north side of Japan Hills to the Wood River; bounded on the east by the east bank of the Wood River, including the Wood River drainage upstream from and including the Snow Mountain Gulch Creek drainage; bounded on the south by the divide separating the Yanert River drainage from the drainages of Healy Creek, Moody Creek, Montana Creek, and the Wood River; and bounded on the west by the east bank of the Nenana River from the divide separating the drainage of the Yanert River and Montana Creek north to Healy Creek, then easterly along the south bank of Healy Creek to the north fork of Healy Creek, then along the north fork of Healy Creek to its headwaters, then along a straight line to the headwaters of Dexter Creek , then along the east bank of Dexter Creek, to the Totatlanika River, and then down the east bank of the Totatlanika River to the Rex Trail

Restrictions: The area is closed to the use of any motorized vehicle except aircraft for big game hunting, including the transportation of big game hunters, their hunting gear, or parts of big game, from August 1 through September 30; however, this provision does not prohibit motorized access via, or transportation of game on, the Parks Highway; or the transportation into the area of game meat that has been processed for human consumption.

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