Collars, Bands and Tags

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Willow ptarmigan
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Floy tag attached under dorsal fin of a rainbow trout
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Waterfowl band attached to member of brant family

I harvested or found an animal with a collar, band or tag — Now what?

If you harvest or find an animal with a collar, band or tag, you are not in trouble.

Please contact your nearest Fish and Game Office as soon as possible to report on or return the marker. Returning a collar, band or tag provides biologists with valuable insight into the animal's movements, habitat and lifespan.

When reporting on or returning a collar, band, or tag, be sure to include this information:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Location
  • Species
  • Contact Information

Waterfowl Bands

All waterfowl bands should be reported to:

USGS Bird Banding Laboratory
Toll-free (800) 327-BAND

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Collared cow caribou
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