Emergency Orders and Press Releases
North Slope

Date Area Summary Action
12/01/20 Statewide 2021 Statewide Sport Fish Stocking Plan Open For Public Comment
02/16/21 Expired 02/18/21 Statewide Online Fishing Forum: Kodiak Winter King Salmon Fishing
02/22/21 Expired 02/24/21 Statewide Online Fishing Forum: What’S Going On With East Cook Inlet Razor Clams
03/01/21 Expired 03/03/21 Statewide Online Fishing Forum: Kachemak Bay Winter King Salmon Fishing
03/04/21 Statewide Invasive Zebra Mussels Hitchhike To AK On Aquarium Moss Balls
03/08/21 Expired 03/10/21 Statewide Online Fishing Forum: Pike Fishing 101
04/06/21 Expired 04/16/21 Statewide Public Notice- Proposed Change To The Statewide Stocking Plan Public Comment Period To Open
04/12/21 Expired 04/14/21 Statewide Online Fishing Forum: Fishing For Sheefish In The Yukon River
04/15/21 Expired 04/28/21 Statewide Online Fishing Forum: Fishing For Hooligan
04/15/21 Expired 05/12/21 Statewide Online Fishing Forum: Get Your Fishing License And Permits
05/28/21 Expired 06/02/21 Statewide Online Fishing Forum: Beach Fishing For Halibut On Alaska’S Kenai Peninsula
06/29/21 Statewide Ship Creek Fisheries Center To Re-Open On A Limited Schedule; Tanana Valley Fisheries Center To Remain Closed
07/14/21 Statewide Rod Loaner Program Will Be Reinstated At Select ADF&G Offices
07/15/21 Expires 12/31/21 Statewide Ruth Burnett Sport Fish Hatchery Tour Video To Premiere Online
08/16/21 Expired 08/17/21 Statewide Online Fishing Forum: Find Your Water
09/02/21 Statewide Photo Entries Sought For 2022 Sport Fishing Regulations Summary Photo Contest
09/21/21 Interior Online Fishing Forum: A Survey Of Sport Fisheries In Interior And Northern Alaska
09/27/21 Statewide Ship Creek Fisheries Center Will Close To The Public
10/20/21 Statewide Alaska Department Of Fish And Game Will Begin Mailing Annual Sport Fishing Survey