(Released: November 22, 2021)

CONTACT: Ryan Ragan
Acting Statewide Communications Coordinator
(907) 267-2307

Online Fishing Forum: Ice Fishing Gear, Tips and Tactics

(Statewide) - Are you hoping to get out on the ice this season and catch some fish? If so, this fishing forum is just for you! Join staff with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) Division of Sport Fish, on Tuesday, November 23 at 6 p.m. for a 45-minute presentation entitled, "Ice Fishing - Gear, Tips and Tactics" on the Alaska Department of Fish and Game YouTube channel. Staff will be available to chat live on YouTube for the duration of the presentation. After the premiere, the presentation will remain on YouTube indefinitely.

The presentation will cover the basic necessary ice fishing equipment anglers need to spend a day on the ice and how to target species such as northern pike, burbot, and species in stocked lakes. It will show you how to choose between multiple types of gear, as well as some practical footage from out on the ice.

"Ice fishing is a great winter recreation activity for family and friends," Ryan Ragan, the acting Statewide Communications Coordinator, and forum host said. "Information presented in this online forum is geared toward those who have an interest in getting started ice fishing. We will cover essential and non-essential gear and fishing equipment, and we'll explore how to target certain species of fish through the ice."

For more information, please contact the forum host, Ryan Ragan, at (907) 267-2307.