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July 29, 2014

Freshwater Fishing
Neck Creek currently has excellent numbers of coho salmon from the bridge down into Whale Passage. Coho, chum and pink salmon are starting to show in other drainages such as the Thorne, Klawock, Staney and Logjam. Sockeye salmon are present in good numbers in the Sweetwater Lake drainage and other drainages such as Sarkar, Karta and Thorne river drainages. Freshwater rainbow and cutthroat trout fishing is currently good. The following lakes and associated stream drainages should offer good trout and Dolly Varden fishing; Control, Klawock, Luck, and Red Bay Lakes as well as the Thorne River drainage.

Saltwater Fishing
Marine angling around the Prince of Wales for king salmon has slowed down, but fish are still present. Halibut, rockfish and lingcod fishing is good. Coho and pink salmon are now present in outside and inside waters and will continue to increase in numbers as the summer progresses.

The nonresident daily bag and possession limit for king salmon is one per day as of July 1. All anglers are responsible for knowing the current regulations for the area that they will be fishing. Regulation handbooks and copies of the most current regulatory changes are available on this website and at the Craig ADF&G office, (907) 826-2498.


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