Area Sport Fishing Reports

October through November Season

Saltwater Sport Fishing Opportunities

Salt water sport fishing effort drops off by early October and typically doesn't resume for species other than king salmon until May. Kodiak's inclement fall and winter weather often keeps boats stuck in the harbors. Occasionally, anglers trolling in protected bays will encounter late-run silver salmon in October and November, as well as a few feeder king salmon.

Halibut can also be caught in deeper waters this time of year but again weather can be a factor in fishing opportunity.

Kodiak's Road System (Includes salt waters within 1 mile of Kodiak Island)

Kodiak's milder climate extends the inshore stream fisheries well into November. There are plenty of rainy, blustery days keeping salt water boats inland, but determined shore anglers will find the silver salmon, Dolly Varden, rainbow and steelhead trout fishing to be excellent.

Silver salmon fishing success typically slows by late October, but a few bright fish will still be available through the first week of November. Try the Buskin, American, and Olds rivers for these late arriving fish.

The Buskin River system supports a relatively small run of steelhead trout. This catch-and-release only fishery is open year round, with peak of the return in late October. In fresh waters along the road system only unbaited artificial lures maybe used between November 1 and April 30 (with the exception of all road system stocked lakes and Barry Lagoons).

Dolly Varden continue to present an excellent fishing opportunity. After spawning during October, they return to lakes or deep pools to over-winter, and can be caught using nymph, scud, alevin and egg pattern flies, and also occasionally small spinners and spoons. The Buskin, American, and Olds rivers; and Salonie Creek have the largest numbers of these excellent sport fish.

Rainbow trout are annually stocked in over 15 lakes on the Kodiak road system and fall fishing can be excellent. Some of the more accessible and better producing lakes include Horseshoe, Abercrombie, Lily Pond, Jack, Lee, Aurel and Caroline. The daily bag and possession limit is 10 rainbow trout (only 1 may be 20 inches or longer). There is not an annual limit or closed fishing season on stocked rainbow trout. Rainbow trout fishing is catch and release only in road system lakes that are not currently stocked by ADF&G. Check the current sportfishing regulations booklet for an updated list of stocked lakes.

WARNING: Lake ice conditions in late fall and winter can be very deceptive. Because of Kodiak's mild climate, the lake ice can be very thin. Always check ice thickness carefully. Trout fishing can be excellent when the lakes are ice free as well, as water temperatures cool down.

Kodiak's Remote Area

Silver salmon returns to Remote Area streams are pretty much over by late October, but small numbers of fish are usually found through November in some of the later systems, particularly the Karluk River.

The big news for anglers interested in fly-out fishing in October is the runs of native steelhead trout. Peak time to fish is the end of the second week of October. Very few fish remain in late October. The Karluk, Ayakulik, Dog Salmon, and Litnik systems have the highest numbers of fish.

Fishing for resident rainbows should remain productive throughout the month in areas supporting sizable populations of fish, such as the Malina and Afognak rivers. Fishing Kodiak Island for rainbow/steelhead trout is open year round, with an annual limit of no more than 2, 20 inches or longer. All harvested rainbow trout/steelhead must be recorded immediately upon capture on your license or harvest record.