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September 01, 2015

Emergency Orders and regulation reminders

  • For full details of all Emergency Orders that have been issued this year, click on the links in the “Kodiak EO’s” box, above.
  • Marine boat anglers returning to any port on the Kodiak road system from May 31 - August 31 may not fillet, mutilate, or de-head king salmon until they have been brought to shore and offloaded, unless the fish have been consumed or preserved on board.
  • The bag limit for sockeye salmon is increased from 2 to 5 fish in the Buskin River drainage and from 5 to 10 fish in the Karluk, Ayakulik, Dog Salmon, Saltery and Afognak River drainages.
  • Sport fishing for sockeye salmon is currently closed in the Pasagshak drainage.

Fresh waters


  • Silver (coho) salmon continued to be caught last week along Kalsin Bay beach and also in the lower American River. Warm temperatures and an ongoing lack of rainfall continues to impede inriver migrations of silver salmon.
  • Department of Fish and Game counting weirs on the Karluk and Olga (Upper Station) rivers are still operating to count returns of late run sockeye salmon. Weir operations on the Buskin River are focused on returning silver salmon. Road accessible sockeye runs are over, though some sockeye may still be caught in Saltery Creek. Due to a historically poor weir count, sport fishing for sockeye salmon remains closed in the Pasagshak River drainage.
  • Pink salmon fishing remains excellent in near shore salt waters and in most Kodiak road zone streams. In the past week, Kalsin Beach remained an excellent location for catching ocean bright pink salmon.
  • Updated daily counts for Kodiak salmon counting weirs are available to anglers at

Trout, Dolly Varden, Grayling

  • Dolly Varden are present in large numbers in most Kodiak freshwater drainages. In late August Dollies are typically caught in the Olds, American and Salonie rivers.

Lake Fishing

  • Late August through September is an excellent time to fish rainbow trout in the stocked lakes along the Kodiak road zone. Although ADF&G currently stocks only sterile juvenile trout, some lakes with a stocking history dating to the 1950s may also contain spawning populations of adult fish. No reports of stocked rainbow trout fishing were received by the Kodiak office during the past week.

Salt waters


  • No recent reports of halibut fishing have been received by the Kodiak Sport Fish Office, although within the last 2 weeks Whale Pass and Buoy #4 were still reported as excellent locations for halibut.


  • Silver salmon trolling remains excellent during the past week. Gibson Cove is currently reported to be the best location for silvers.
  • No reports on local king salmon trolling were received by the department during the past week. Saltwaters king salmon harvests typically peak for the year during late July and early August.

Other salt water fishing

  • Black rockfish can currently be caught at depths of 10 fathoms or less near kelp beds along rock pinnacles and other natural or man-made structures. Rockfish are also frequently caught from shore at locations such as the outer reaches of White Sand beach and the breakwater barrier shielding St. Paul Harbor.
  • Lingcod season opened on July 1.


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