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August 17, 2023

An excellent resource for planning a trip is the gofishak interactive map for Yakutat which provides information on popular fishing locations, species run timing, fishing gear selections and boat and angler access.


Pink Salmon

Pink salmon fishing is excellent in the Situk River. The best area to fish right now is in the lower river.

Coho Salmon

Coho fishing has finally picked up on the Situk River. Last weeks rains expectedly brought coho into the river and they have now been distributed throughout most of the river. Pinks still overwhelmingly outnumber coho but with more coho in the river anglers are coming away with their two fish bag limits. The best area to fish would still be the lower river, however the middle river has fish as well if you can get there.


King Salmon

Sportfishing for king salmon is open in Yakutat area marine waters. King fishing is slow. A lot of small "shaker" (sub-legal) fish have been caught and released this last week and are throughout the area so anglers should be aware and measure their kings accordingly. The best location to get into a king would be inside the islands near Log Dump or Johnstone Pass. Most anglers troll spoons or herring behind a flasher in about 40-80 feet of water along the shoreline or around pinnacles.

  • Anglers are required to have a king salmon stamp when targeting king salmon.
  • All king salmon less than 28" must be released.

Coho Salmon

Fishing for coho has been excellent this last week in the salt water. The best fishing has been on the outside of Kahntaak Island, and near Point Munoz and Ocean Cape. Fishing is picking up inside the islands as well. Limits are being caught, but pink salmon are also mixed in there so be sure you have 6 coho and not 4 coho and 2 pinks. Anglers are trolling herring, spoons, and hoochies with flashers, or you can mooch for them once you find a school. Anglers should be able to identify the different salmon species so as not to inadvertently or illegally keep a king salmon.

Pink Salmon

Fishing for pink salmon is excellent right now. Fish continue to be seen jumping within the bay and the islands, and along the shorelines near streams. Fishing should be peaking soon. Pinks are being caught while trolling for coho and king salmon, or pitching lures near the mouths of streams.


Reports from anglers over the last week indicate fishing for halibut is decent. The biggest issue has been weather but this next weeks forecast looks good. The majority of fish being caught conitnue to be smaller. As the pink and coho salmon move further into Yakutat Bay fishing for halibut should improve within the islands.


Fishing for lingcod continues to be excellent. Try using jigs, darts, or mooching cut-plug herring near rocky structures or pinnacles.


Fishing for rockfish is excellent in the Yakutat area. Try working small jigs or darts or mooching herring near any rocky structures or pinnacles under the water for the best results.

For further information, please get in touch with the Yakutat Area Sport Fish management biologist Jason Pawluk at (907) 784-3222.

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