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April 22, 2022

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Steelhead Trout

The weather in Yakutat has continued to be clear, sunny, and dry since two weekends ago, but is forecasted to change for this weekend. Rain and clouds are expected through the weekend until about Tuesday next week which will hopefully raise water levels some. Overnight lows will finally get above freezing which is most likely going to make walking on the snow more difficult from this point forward, however, the river is low enough to walk up or downstream. Also, the daytime temps should increase from this weekend forward helping to create some snowmelt.

Water conditions on the Situk River have now dropped below mean historical levels over the past week, and are in the bottom quartile for 34 years of water data. Currently, we are at a discharge of around 155cfs. Discharge should stabilize and maybe start rising some with the upcoming rain and warmer overnight temps. As a benchmark, it becomes increasingly difficult to cross the river in certain locations with flows greater than 350cfs. Water temperatures have continued to be below normal for this time of year. It is safe to say this year's run will not be early, and based on water temps is starting to look like a somewhat later run-timing. The next week will indicate if the run might be late due to the colder water temperatures. Snow levels at the nine-mile bridge continue to make it difficult to access the river at traditional access points without walking on or through it. Boating conditions have become a little skinny with the lower water levels, especially jetboating.

Anglers continue reporting catching steelhead throughout the drainage, but not in large numbers yet. Boaters have reported that fish are skittish due to the low and clear water and off the bite. Reports have ranged from zero to up to five fish days. A few fresh fish have been caught in the lower reaches. The bulk of the run has yet to enter the river but should be entering the river any day now. Fishing conditions are tough right now with fish hiding under brushy banks and woody debris during the bright sunny days, but hopefully the clouds and showers this weekend will help them come out.


King Salmon

Sportfishing for king salmon is open in Yakutat area marine waters. Reports of fishing by trollers and sport anglers in Yakutat Bay have been good recently. Kings have been reported being caught out front over some pinnacles near the red buoy. A lot of small fish are being reported caught, which have to be released by regulation. Most anglers are trolling spoons or herring behind a flasher.


Halibut fishing should be starting to pick up. The current nice weather should make it possible to get out front along the coast.


Lingcod fishing is closed until May 16th.


Fishing for rockfish should be excellent in the Yakutat area.

For further information, please contact the Yakutat Area Sport Fish management biologist Jason Pawluk at (907) 784-3222.

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