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Current Sport Fish Area Fishing Report

July 21, 2014

Summer fishing opportunities

Sockeye salmon

Sockeye salmon counts have been very strong in the Chilkoot River weir in the last week. Sockeye numbers will increase through July and August.

After a record-breaking early season, the Chilkat River sockeye salmon run has settled down to average counts in the fish wheels.

King salmon in salt water

Haines anglers can troll for kings in Chilkoot Inlet and Lutak Inlet.

Skagway anglers can target king salmon in Taiya Inlet. After a couple of slow weeks, kings catches improved this week.

Skagway anglers must wait to fillet king salmon until they are tied up at a dock. This keeps kings available for biological sampling by the creel survey.

King salmon broodstock collection is underway at ADF&G's weir in Pullen Creek. This broodstock will be used to continue the hatchery-raised smolt release program in Pullen Creek.

2014 king salmon regulations for Southeast Alaska salt water

  • For Alaska residents, the bag and possession limit is 3 king salmon 28 inches or greater in length.
  • For non-Alaska residents, the bag and possession limit is 1 king salmon 28 inches or greater.
  • The non-resident annual limit is 6 king salmon 28 inches or greater in length.Immediately upon landing and retaining a king salmon, non-residents must enter the species, date and location, in ink, on the back of their sport fishing license or harvest record.


Halibut catch rates have been good recently in the Chilkoot Inlet area.

Char and Trout

Seek out Dolly Varden and cutthroat trout in clear water streams and lakes. Dollies and cutties can also be caught in near-shore salt waters.

Bait is prohibited when fishing in Chilkat Lake or Mosquito Lake and their inlet and outlet streams. Use the Sport Fishing Regulations link on the left for details and a map.

2014 salmon runs

King salmon

The early indication is that the Chilkat River king salmon run is weak this year. An annual run size estimate will be available after spawning ground surveys are completed in August. 

Sockeye salmon

The Chilkat Lake weir counts are on track for meeting the sockeye salmon escapement goal.

The Chilkoot River sockeye salmon run is on track to meet or exceed the escapement goal.

Pink salmon

The Chilkoot River and Chilkat River pink salmon runs are expected to be below average. Pink salmon have a 2-year life cycle. Runs in this area tend to be stronger in odd-numbered years than in even-numbered years.

Coho salmon

We are expecting an average Chilkat River coho salmon run. Coho salmon fishing in Haines/Skagway area fresh water peaks in October.

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