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May 20, 2015

Lake stocking has begun. The following lakes have already been stocked:

Big D Pond, Bolio Lake, Little Lost Lake, Quartz Lake, Richardson 81 Mile Pit, Shaw Pond, Ballaine Lake, Bathing Beauty Pond, Bear Lake, Birch lake, Chena Hot Springs Road lakes, Grayling lake, Hidden Lake, Johnson Pit #2, Lost Lake, Monterey Lake, Moose Lake, Nenana City Pond, North Pole Pond, Olnes Pond, Polaris Lake, Richardson Hwy 28 Mile Pit, Richardson Hwy 31 Mile Pit, Steese Hwy lakes, Stringer Road Pond

Arctic Grayling are in the Delta Clearwater, retention is prohibited till June 1.

Clearwater lake is open to those wanting to do the day float or launch a boat at Clearwater lake.

Quartz Lake fishing is reported to be excellent.

This report will be updated as conditions warrant.


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