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Area Sport Fishing Reports

May 20, 2015

Anchorage Area

Week of May 18 to May 24
Issued May 20, 2015

Regulation Reminders

• Ship Creek is closed to fishing from the Chugach Power Plant Dam upstream to Reeves Boulevard April 15 – June 14.
• Campbell Creek (entire drainage) is closed to fishing April 15 – June 14.
• Chester Creek (entire drainage) is closed to fishing April 15 – June 14.
• Bird Creek (entire drainage) is closed to fishing January 1 – July 13.
• Symphony Lake is closed to fishing May 1 – June 30.
• Eagle River opens to king salmon fishing this weekend in a restricted area. See page 51 in the Southcentral Alaska Sport Fishing Regulation Summary for all the details on what dates and what area.

For additional information about regulations in the Anchorage Area look in the 2015 Southcentral Alaska Sport Fishing Regulation Summary.

Stream Fishing

King Fishing:

• Ship Creek is the only stream in the Anchorage area currently open to king salmon fishing. Fishing on Ship Creek is open from the mouth up to the cable crossing roughly 100 feet below the Chugach Power Plant dam. It is still early for king salmon in Ship Creek, but it is time to start prospecting for them. There have been rumors of kings being caught at Ship Creek. Try fishing bait below the last bridge right as the tide starts to flood.
• Expect very, very slow king salmon fishing in Eagle River.
• All other waters in the Anchorage Management Area are closed to king salmon fishing.

Fishing Tip: It has been a long winter. Brush up on your fish identification before you head out fishing. Test your fish identification knowledge with the new Pacific Salmon ID Quiz here:


• All of Campbell Creek, Chester Creek and portions of Ship Creek are currently closed to fishing to protect spawning rainbow trout.

Lake Fishing


• Most Anchorage-area lakes have been stocked recently and fishing has been good. Often these stocked fish are still in large schools. Once you find these schools of fish, fishing can be great. The fish this time of year are usually not picky and hungry for top water flies, terminal lures or eggs below a bobber.

Little Campbell Lake:

• The Anchorage Municipality was working on the road to Little Campbell Lake. The road to Little Campbell Lake also known as Beer Can Lake is currently open.
APU/University Lake & West Chester Lagoon
• APU/University Lake as well as West Chester Lagoon are part of the Chester Creek Drainage and are currently closed until June 14 to protect wild spawning rainbow trout.

Fishing Tip: To improve your success in local stocked lakes review the lake bathymetric (Bottom depth profile) map as well as recent stocking data online. This will help you determine what type of fish you are fishing for and where they might be. Often a little walk or getting away from the pack will provide rewards.

Northern Pike

• We have had very few reports of pike fishing in the Anchorage Area. The Matsu area has many lakes where fishermen are still finding reliable pike numbers.

Lower Fire Lake or Otter Lake on base is the closest place to find a few Northern Pike in the Anchorage Area. In both of these lakes small pike can be found with a little effort.
• Late evening hours are a good time to spear pike, or to shoot them with bow and arrow.
• Pike are fun to fly fish for using frog, mouse and duckling patterns.
• A reminder, if you are bow-fishing for pike, the arrow has to be attached to a string and the string to your bow.



• Open season for hooligan (smelt) in salt waters is April 1–May 31; in fresh waters, it is April 1–June 15. There is no bag or possession limit for personal use smelt. Hooligan may be taken by dip net in any fresh or salt water during this time period.
• This is a personal-use fishery and only Alaska residents can participate. No permit is required, but you do need an Alaska resident fishing license or ADF&G Permanent ID card with you.

20 Mile River:

• Hooligan are being caught in the 20 Mile River, but this fishery is still very spotty. If you do go, it is best to fish for hooligan on the incoming tide.
• For your safety, and for the safety of others, please park well off the highway. Do not trespass on the railroad tracks or the railroad right-of-way. Please be respectful and take all your trash with you, don’t throw it on the ground.
• For more information on hooligan dipnetting and hooligan dipnetting regulations, see Page 15 of the 2015 Southcentral Alaska Sport Fishing Regulations summary booklets.


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