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Area Sport Fishing Reports

July 19, 2018

General Area Description: All waters draining into the east side of Knik arm south of, and including, the Eklutna River drainage, and all waters draining into the north and west sides of Turnagain Arm, and all waters draining into the south side of Turnagain Arm east of, and including, Ingram Creek.

Regulation Reminders and Emergency Orders

Emergency Orders

  • There are currently no emergency orders in affect for the Anchorage Area.

Regulation Reminders

  • King salmon fishing is CLOSED in all Anchorage Bowl streams. Any kings caught must be immediately released.
  • Portions of Campbell Creek opens to coho (silver) salmon fishing on July 14. No other salmon species may be targeted or retained on Campbell Creek.
  • Select areas of Chester Creek opened to fishing for fish species other than salmon on June 15. NO SALMON FISHING IS ALLOWED ON CHESTER CREEK.
  • The lower portion of Bird Creek opens to salmon fishing, except king salmon, on July 14. King salmon fishing is NEVER allowed on Bird Creek. You are allowed to retain coho, pink, and chum salmon, which are included under “other salmon” in the 2018 Southcentral Sport Fishing Regulations Summary booklet. The bag and possession limit for other salmon over 16 inches are 3 per day, and only 3 in possession.
  • Symphony Lake opened to fishing on July 1.
    • Please note: Chugach State Parks has closed the trailhead to Symphony Lake this week due bear activity in the area.

Freshwater Fishing


  • Ship Creek has opened to salmon fishing for all species except king salmon as of July 14. Large schools of fresh silvers have been reported to be milling around Ship Creek at high tide. Anglers have reported having decent success casting Vibraxes or fishing cured salmon roe under a slip-bobber during the rising tide.
  • Coho salmon fishing opened on Campbell Creek as of July 14. The water level in Campbell Creek is very low and the water is clear. This coupled with the warm summer days can make fresh coho salmon hesitant to enter the creek. Until the Anchorage area receives some rain, coho salmon fishing on Campbell Creek will remain slow. Anglers looking to test out the fishing may have increased success if they fish during the early morning.
  • Salmon fishing reports from Bird Creek have been fairly limited. A few coho have been caught from Bird Creek, but anglers have mostly reported catching pinks throughout the tide. Vibraxes and salmon roe under a slip-bobber have caught coho (silvers) during the incoming and outgoing tides.

Trout, Dolly Varden, Grayling

  • Trout and Dolly Varden fishing has been excellent on Campbell Creek. Try fishing single eggs, egg imitation flies, or trout beads behind spawning salmon. Catches of trout and Dolly Varden Char have been reported from Dowling Road to the fishing holes downstream of Arctic Boulevard. The North and South fork of Campbell Creek are also great places to try for Dolly Varden Char, but anglers should be cautious of bears in these areas. .
  • Please review the 2018 Southcentral Regulation Summary Booklet before going fishing and remember, salmon fishing is CLOSED and some areas are catch-and-release ONLY on Campbell Creek.

A new fishing platform has been installed above the Dimond bridge in Anchorage


Lake Fishing

  • Local lakes continue to fish well! Warm temperatures keep fish holding in the shade and deep holes during the day. Your best bet is to fish the lakes early or late in the day.
  • To entice stocked rainbows to bite, try casting small lures or wet flies. Bait under a bobber is also a good option. In the evening, watch for fish rising, and try fishing dry and surface flies.
  • For those looking to stay in town for the weekend, Campbell Point and Cheney Lakes have produced good catches of stocked rainbow trout over the last several weeks. Sand Lake is a deep lake and has been known as good local spot during the late summer. Anglers will increase their odds in Sand if they have access to a small boat or canoe.
  • Want to get out of town and fish stocked lakes? Airstrip and Alder Ponds are great options just off of Portage Glacier Road. Large schools of hungry trout have been reported to have been circling around in these ponds.
  • APU/University Lake and West Chester Lagoon are in the Chester Creek drainage which are currently open to fishing for rainbow trout.
  • The ADF&G Hatcheries and Stocking webpage provides information about when, where, and how many fish have been stocked statewide!

Fishing Tip: To improve your success in local stocked lakes review the lake bathymetric (bottom depth profile) map online. These maps can reveal structure and other locations where fish may likely be. Often a little walk or getting away from the pack will provide rewards, just be mindful of private property boundaries.

Northern Pike

  • There are very few opportunities for Northern Pike in Anchorage as they are not native to the region. ADF&G has taken steps to keep pike out of Anchorage area lakes. Lower Fire Lake is the closest place to find Northern pike in the Anchorage Area. If you catch a Northern Pike in the Anchorage area, please contact the ADF&G Sport Fish Division immediately at (907) 267-2218. Anglers are not allowed to release live pike back into the water.

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