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Area Sport Fishing Reports
Resurrection Bay

August 24, 2016

 North Gulf Coast Area

Week of August 24 to August 30
Issued August 24

General Area Description: Includes waters from Gore Point to Cape Fairfield.

Emergency Orders and regulation reminders

  • Lingcod fishing opened on July 1.
  • Snagging is allowed in salt water of the North Gulf Coast. Snagging is not allowed in fresh water.
  • Resurrection River downstream of the Seward Highway and Nash Road opened on June 16. Only unbaited, single-hook, artificial lures are allowed; snagging is not permitted in this freshwater portion of Resurrection River.
  • For king salmon in Resurrection (Res.) Bay there is no annual or seasonal king salmon harvest recording requirement. You are still required to have a king salmon stamp if you are going to retain a king salmon.



  • Halibut are federally managed by NOAA.
  • Halibut fishing in the North Gulf Coast continues to be good. Anglers reported that halibut were mostly chickens.
  • Halibut fishing inside Resurrection Bay continues to be spotty and requiring patience. Try fishing large baits (e.g.- herring or salmon bellies) near the islands on the east side of Resurrection Bay.



  • The king salmon limit in Res. Bay is currently two per day, any size.
  • Boats trolling for silvers have been picking up the occasional king salmon near Pony Cove and Cheval Narrows. Try trolling herring with a chartreuse/green flasher or mooching hoochie squids have produced fish.


  • Silver salmon fishing effort in the North Gulf Coast picked up last week with anglers trying to get their hands on a big fish to enter in the Seward Silver Salmon Derby®. Finding the fish takes some time but fishermen are catching a few fish. Anglers from boats are having better success than the shore anglers. Anglers are having good luck inside of Res. Bay.
  • The winner of the Seward Silver Salmon Derby brought in a 16.22lb fish last week. The top ten fish were all over 14lbs.
  • As a reminder, the coho limit outside of Res. Bay is 3 per day/3 in possession and in Res. Bay is 6 per day/6 in possession. Anglers that have caught 6 silvers inside Res. Bay may not leave the bay.

Other salt water fishing


  • Lingcod fishing is closed year-round within Res. Bay. Lingcod fishing opened on July 1 to areas outside of Res. Bay. See page 79 in the regulation booklet for location specifics if you are unsure of where you are allowed to target lingcod.
  • Lingcod catches were slow this week. To catch lingcod fishermen are having searching out new locations that have received less fishing pressure. Try fishing near capes or pinnacles in the North Gulf Cost. Use large diamond jigs or jigs with a large twister-tail grub to entice a strike from these toothy critters.


  • Rockfish are easy to catch and have a fairly conservative bag limit, so target your rockfish last.
  • Black rockfish continue to be a reliable sportfish to target this season. They have been reported be in good numbers and of great size near the entrances of the major bays of the North Gulf Coast, including Resurrection Bay.
  • A wide variety of non-pelagic rockfish species can be caught near the rock cliffs off Cape Resurrection.
  • The rockfish daily bag limit is 4 per day, of which only 1 may be a non-pelagic (demersal) rockfish.
  • Use deepwater release methods to release incidentally caught rockfish. For details, see the ADF&G Rockfish Conservation webpage at:

Other species:

  • Pacific cod are well spread throughout Res. Bay, and can be easily caught with chunks of herring fished near the bottom in water of 100ft and deeper. Often Pacific cod are incidentally caught while going after other species. Many fishermen are retaining them since they also make a good meal.
  • Personal use dipnetting for smelt (hooligan) is closed.


  • There have been no reports from the personal-use shrimp pot fishery. This fishery is now open in the entire North Gulf Coast area. To participate in the fishery you must be an Alaska resident with a current sport fishing license or ADF&G Permanent ID card, and a North Gulf Coast shrimp pot fishery permit. Permits can be obtained at the Anchorage, Homer, or Soldotna ADF&G offices and at the Seward Fish House.
  • Check out page 10 of the 2016 Southcentral Alaska Sport Fishing Regulations Summary for regulations on this fishery, and page 9 shrimp pot requirements.

Fresh waters


  •  The only fresh water open to salmon fishing is a small section Resurrection River, downstream of the Seward Highway and Nash Road (See map in Southcentral regulation summary on pg. 78). High water will make fishing difficult this week in the fresh water.
  • The remainder of the fresh water drainages in Resurrection Bay are closed to salmon fishing at this time.
  • A Youth-Only coho salmon Fishery is open August 26-28 and September 2-4, 2016 at the Seward Lagoon, including the outfall stream. Anglers 15 years of age or younger are allowed to fish with single-hook, artificial lures or bait during this time. Limits are 2 per day, 2 in possession for this fishery.

Rainbow Trout, Dolly Varden, Arctic Grayling

  • Dolly Varden are beginning their migration into freshwater; typically following in the pink and chum salmon. Try casting small lures or swinging bright maribou flies.

Northern Pike

  • Northern pike are not native to Southcentral Alaska. Please report the capture of any pike in unconfirmed waters to ADF&G. Do not release any pike you have caught.

Lake Fishing

  • Lake fishing in the Seward area is fairly limited. Grouse lake should be seeing a few sea-run Dolly Varden char; fishing will likely be slow but this fishery has been known to produce some very nice char.

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