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Alaska Department of Fish and Game

Area Sport Fishing Reports

September 02, 2014

Anchorage Area

Week of September 2 to September 9
Issued September 2, 2014

Regulation Reminders

• Bird Creek, from its mouth upstream to the ADF&G marker, is now open to fishing (except king salmon). The rest of the Bird Creek drainage remains closed to salmon fishing and the entire drainage is always closed to king salmon fishing.
• Sections of Campbell Creek are open to fishing for silver salmon, but this creek remains closed to all other salmon fishing.
• Ship Creek, from its mouth to the ADF&G marker near the Chugach Power plant dam, is open to fishing (except king salmon).
• Sections of streams at the head of Turnagain arm are now closed to all fishing by regulation. These streams are wild silver salmon populations and the bag limits of only 2 per day.
• In both saltwater and freshwater in Cook Inlet, any coho salmon 16 inches or longer that is removed from the water must be retained and becomes part of the bag limit of the person who originally hooked the fish. A person may not remove a coho salmon 16 inches or longer from the water before releasing it.

For more details see the Southcentral Regulation.

If you see any illegal fishing please call the Alaska State Troopers’ Fish and Wildlife Protection office (269-5954 or 269-5541), or the Fish and Wildlife Safeguard “Report Poachers” hotline (1-800-478-3377) or the Alaska Department of Fish and Game Southcentral Region Information Center (267-2218).

Emergency Order Currently in Effect

This emergency order increases the bag limit and possession limit for coho salmon 16 inches or greater in length to five fish in the Ship Creek drainage from its mouth upstream to a cable 100 feet downstream of the Chugach Power Plan dam. This emergency order is effective from 12:01 a.m. Saturday, August 9, 2014 through 11:59 p.m. Wednesday, December 31.



• Silver salmon fishing in Turnagain Arm streams is picking up. Chums are still present but many are very colored up if you still trying to complete your Five Salmon Family Challenge.
• Sections of Campbell Creek are open for silver fishing, and fishing has been variable depending on the water level and water clarity. Look for silver salmon in deep holes or cut banks. Many blush silver salmon are being caught throughout the open sections of Campbell Creek. If you are planning to release fish make sure that you do not remove it from the water. Once it is removed from the water it becomes part of the fishermen’s bag limit. Fishing away from the commonly fished areas will also improve your chances.
• Silver salmon fishing in Ship Creek has slowed down although with each tide a few fish are being caught. Fishermen are reporting higher catches on the changing tides. Slow fishing is challenging the patience of many fishermen. Avoid the temptation to snag and harm fish.
• Bird Creek is open to salmon fishing (except king salmon). Fishermen are reporting a few silvers coming in with each tide. The best fishing is on the flood and ebb tides. Be careful when fishing in bear country. We have had many reports of bears in this area.
• Often silver salmon can be seen in the fisheries but are difficult to fair hook (i.e. inside the mouth). Rather than illegally snagging and hurting the fish it is recommended to vary your gear type or approach. A snagged fish must be immediately returned to the water unharmed and is less likely to be legally caught in the future.

Rainbow Trout, Dolly Varden, Arctic Grayling

Creek Fishing

• Campbell Creek and Chester Creek have both been stocked with rainbow trout. Fishing should be good for rainbow trout and Dolly Varden. Trout are keying in on salmon eggs and flesh from spawning salmon. Fishermen will improve their catches by using patterns that imitate egg or flesh patterns.

Lake Fishing

• All Anchorage Area stocked lakes have been stocked with their second round of rainbow trout. Check the ADF&G web site for lakes that may have been stocked near you:
• Anglers have been reporting better success early in the morning or later in the evening. During these periods the fish are more actively feeding although fish are still being caught throughout the day.
• Fishermen have been doing well from the shore, but many fishermen are increasing their catches by getting away from the easily accessible parts of the lake by either using a canoe or float tube. If you do go out in a boat make sure to be safe and wear a life jacket. After boating and before you go into another lake or stream please help reduce the transmission of invasive species by cleaning, draining, drying, and decontaminating your boat and gear.
• Fishermen are reporting good catches of rainbow trout in West Chester Lagoon using both bait below a bobber or spinners. West Chester Lagoon is part of the Chester Creek Drainage and is stocked with rainbow trout; therefore the limits for stocked waters apply. Chester Creek is closed to all salmon fishing.
• Symphony Lake is producing some nice grayling catches. This is a great option for a nice hike and fishing combination. Fishermen are reporting catching grayling by both fly and spinning tackle. Try fishing the outlet, many fish have a tendency to congregate in this area.

Northern Pike

• Late evening hours are a good time to spear, or to shoot pike with bow and arrow. A reminder, if you are bow-hunting for pike, the arrow has to be attached to a string and the string to your bow.
• Surface lures are also a fun way to fish for pike. Try frog, mouse and duckling patterns that make a lot of movement on the lake surface – both fly and spinning tackle can be used.
• Try fishing for pike at Lower Fire Lake and Otter Lake.