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Area Sport Fishing Reports

July 27, 2020

King Salmon

The entire Petersburg and Wrangell area is now open to marine king salmon fishing. King salmon bag limits were increased as of July 15th. The following regional king salmon regulations issued are in effect from now until August 15th:

Alaska resident:

  • Daily bag and possession limit of 4 king salmon, 28 inches or greater in length.


  • Daily bag and possession limit of 2 king salmon, 28 inches or greater in length.
  • Annual limit of 6 king salmon. Anglers are reminded that, when harvesting any species which has an annual limit they must immediately record the species, date, and location on their sport fishing license or on a harvest record card.

Only one rod per angler may be used at this time. For a complete description of the regional king salmon regulations see this link to the announcement

Hatchery Areas: Special regulations remain in effect for the Blind Slough/Wrangell Narrows terminal harvest area. Please see the advisory announcement below for regulations in this hatchery area:

If you are looking for a roadside fishing opportunity, king salmon are now arriving in good numbers within the freshwaters of Blind Slough and schooling near the mouth of City Creek. Anglers can expect fishing opportunity to decline in these areas over the next few weeks as king salmon prepare to spawn.

Coho Salmon

Coho salmon are now regularly being intercepted in marine waters. Anglers can expect coho salmon catch rates to increase over the coming weeks.

Dolly Varden and Trout

Now is a great time to fish for Dolly Varden and trout. In freshwater streams and lakes these species are active and aggressive. Try fishing around log jams, cut banks, eddy lines and confluences for some fast paced action. Check out our interactive map at wefishak for the Petersburg and Wrangell area to discover popular fishing locations and information on species run timing, fishing gear selections, and boat and angler access tips.

Dolly Varden and coastal cutthroat can also be found in marine nearshore areas as they cruise the shorelines, often feeding on juvenile salmon. Anglers may try fishing nearshore areas around the outlet of streams, within harbors and other marine shorelines.


Anglers have been reporting good success rates when fishing for halibut. Typically, halibut catch rates increase as we progress into the summer and peak in the early fall.


There have been some changes to rockfish regulations since the 2019 fishing season. Pelagic rockfish regulations remain the same with a daily bag limit of 5 and possession limit of 10 in the Petersburg, Wrangell, and Kake area. Slope rockfish species now have a daily bag and possession limit of 1. The demersal shelf rockfish species are closed to retention (including yelloweye). A helpful species identification guide has been published on the ADFG website. Please see current emergency orders for a full description of these management actions.

Anglers are reminded that a rockfish release device is now required to be used whenever releasing rockfish and a rockfish release device must be onboard your vessel whenever sport fishing in marine waters.

* Just a reminder to all our anglers, please do your part to help slow the spread of Covid-19 by following and reviewing the current State of Alaska Health Mandates in effect. This includes practicing social distancing while sport and personal use fishing and wearing a face covering when fishing and if you are needing fishing supplies from your local store as indicated in Health Alert 010.


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