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April 26, 2016

General information is available on seasonal fishing opportunities in Yakutat by clicking on the link at left; Information By Area,... and navigating through links for Yakutat,... Fishing Opportunities.

Additionally, if you are planning a trip, looking at the archived reports, via the links below, can give anglers some feel for the timing and availability of fish during past years.

Also, the recent year’s marine fishing harvest success data can be found by following the link above right, “marine harvest rates”.

Situk Steelhead

  • Fresh fish are still moving in on each tide but in smaller packs
  • Larger groups came in mid last week and have moved up to mid river
  • Some early spawners have begun to move down stream
  • Many of the upriver fish are dark and beat up
  • Water flows are still average or higher and water temps are considerably warmer than average

Marine angling

  • Halibut angling has been good but effort low
  • Large fish are being caught in close in Monti Bay
  • Rockfish are also being caught with most fish being non pelagic species
  • Chinook trolling was reportedly slow recently
  • What Chinook there are seem to be mostly up far in the bay by Knight Island

Trout and Dollies

  • Many large Dollies are in the middle and lower Situk River
  • Most Dollies have moved out of the upper Situk as the salmon fry have moved out
  • Cutthroat trout are also still in the Lost River drainage in large pools
  • As the water drops the Cutthroat will move to the larger pools for cover


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