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April 17, 2015

Marine fishing

Fishing in Yakutat bay for halibut has begun to pick up. Fishing pressure is still low but guided angling is starting up with the beginning of the spring fishery. Halibut have been caught in many areas close to town in the inner bays. As the weather improves angling should also get better on the outer moraine areas.

Chinook salmon angling was fair last week. Herring in the bay still have yet to spawn. Chinook are spread out chasing the baitfish for now and may pack up for better angling as the spawn occurs.

Rockfish can also be found in areas near herring schools and out on the rocky outcrops and pinnacles.

Freshwater Fishing

Dolly Varden and cutthroat trout angling is still fair to good in many of the small streams on the forelands and near Yakutat. Salmon fry are now moving out in large numbers spreading out the trout and char. Look for areas where salmon fry may congregate by stream mouths and other stream bottlenecks.

Steelhead Update

Situk River steelhead angling remains good especially for boat based anglers. Higher water flows have made shore angling more difficult but all anglers have reported fair to good numbers of fish in the river. Fresh fish are still entering on each tide and spawning fish are packed up in the upper river. Spawning has begun in most areas to a small extent. sporadic snow storms have continued this year into recent days which cools the water down and slows the spawning event. Steelhead run timeing has now returned to basically normal for the season.

Weather conditions in Yakutat in the early spring can limit your access to the Situk River. Anglers should be prepared for potential weather related delays and be aware that roads may become totally impassable quickly, with little warning.

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