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July 20, 2015

Saltwater Fishing

King Salmon

  • Once again the end of the king salmon season has arrived.  Anglers may still intercept king salmon in the marine fisheries however catch rates have declined dramtically from the peak of the season.  Anglers are reminded that king salmon regulations vary according to the body of water being fished in the Petersburg/Wrangell area. When fishing in the Blind Slough terminal harvest area, liberalized regulations allowing increased opportunity to harvest enhanced king salmon originating from the Crystal Lake Hatchery are in effect until July 31st.  Regulations for the remainder of marine waters in the Petersburg/Wrangell management area are described in the news release "Revised Southeast Alaska Regional King Salmon Sport Fishing Regulations for 2015".  Please see the "Emergency Orders" link at the bottom of this page for current information. 
  • Anglers are reminded that liberalized regulations in the waters of District 8 have expired as of July 15th.  King salmon bag, possession, annual limits, and methods and means have reverted to the revised regional king salmon regulations. 

Coho Salmon

  • Coho salmon catch rates are on the rise as the peak of marine coho fishing approaches.  Marine Catch rates jumped dramatically over the last two weeks. Anglers can expect freshwater opportunity for coho salmon fishing to begin in August.


  • Halibut are being landed on a regular basis as catch rates have increased throughout July. Typically halibut catch rates increase throughout the summer as they migrate into the area and will remain stable throughout the early fall. Halibut are often targeted by fishing the bottom using bait and circle hooks but can also be caught by anglers while trolling for salmon.

Dolly Varden

  • This time of year Dolly Varden and cutthroat trout and can found cruising along marine shorelines or near stream mouths. Try fishing nearshore areas with small spinners. If you are using a fly rod, herring or smolt imitations tend to work well. To see these species in a chrome bright ocean phase is a great treat. Popular locations to fish are near Eagles Roost with an incoming tide and along the shoreline of Bananna point.

 Freshwater Fishing

Rainbow and Cuthroat trout

  • There are several great locations for rainbow and cuthroat trout in the Petersburg/Wrangell area. As waters warm, these species can provide fast paced action for anglers. Anglers commonly use spinning rods with small spinners or lead head jigs and fly rods with a variety of wet and dry flys. When fishing for trout be sure to check the 2015 Southeast Alaska Sport Fish Regulation Summary to understand regulations for the waterbody you intend to fish. Regulations regarding size limits, bag limits and the use of bait can vary by waterbody.


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