Emergency Orders and Press Releases

Date Area Summary Action
12/09/19 Expired 03/31/20 Mat-Su Five Lines Allowed On Kings Lake While Ice Fishing For Northern Pike Liberalization
01/02/20 Mat-Su Take Your Kids Fishing Forum
01/06/20 Expired 01/14/20 Mat-Su Public Meeting Regarding Kings And Anderson Lakes Restoration
01/06/20 Expired 04/13/20 Mat-Su Tagged Northern Pike In Alexander Lake
01/27/20 Mat-Su 2020 Deshka And Kenai Rivers King Salmon Outlooks Available
02/03/20 Expired 02/12/20 Mat-Su Saltwater Fishing Opportunities In Prince William Sound
02/26/20 Expired 07/13/20 Mat-Su King Salmon Restrictions In The Susitna River Drainages Restriction
02/26/20 Expired 07/13/20 Mat-Su Little Susitna River King Salmon Restricted To Catch-And-Release Restriction
03/04/20 Expired 03/11/20 Mat-Su Fishing For Lake Trout And Burbot
06/16/20 Expired 06/20/20 Mat-Su Youth-Only King Salmon Fishing Day At The Eklutna Tailrace, Saturday, June 20
06/19/20 Expires 12/31/20 Mat-Su Three New Stocked Lakes To Open To Fishing In The Matanuska-Susitna Valley, Saturday, June 20 Opening
07/01/20 Expires 09/30/20 Mat-Su Proposals Sought For The 2021 Mat-Su Valley Habitat Rehabilitation & Protection Cost-Share Program
07/06/20 Expired 07/13/20 Mat-Su Deshka River Open To Limited King Salmon Harvest Liberalization
07/10/20 Expired 07/13/20 Mat-Su Little Susitna River Reopens To Limited King Salmon Harvest Liberalization
07/13/20 Expired 07/29/20 Mat-Su Anderson Creek (Lower Susitna River) Closed To Dipnetting Closure
07/17/20 Expired 07/31/20 Mat-Su Fish Creek Personal Use Dipnet Fishery Opens 6 A.M. July 19 Opening
07/28/20 Expired 08/02/20 Mat-Su Fish Creek Youth-Only Sport Fishery Opens Saturday And Sunday, August 1 - 2
08/03/20 Expires 12/31/20 Mat-Su Fish Creek Sport Fishing Open 7 Days Per Week With Increased Sockeye Salmon Limits Liberalization
08/04/20 Expires 12/31/20 Mat-Su Larson Creek Closed To Sport Fishing For All Salmon Species Closure
08/04/20 Expires 09/30/20 Mat-Su Bait Prohibited In The Little Susitna River Sport Fishery Restriction
05/04/20 Expired 07/31/20 Mat-Su Alexander And Sucker Lakes Closed To Sport Fishing Closure
08/11/20 Expires 12/31/20 Mat-Su Little Susitna River Coho Salmon Bag And Possession Limit Reduced To One Fish Restriction
07/23/20 Southcentral Illegally Dumped Fish Waste Can Draw Bears, Fines For Violators
05/14/20 Southcentral Potential Landslide Threatens Large Tsunami In Prince William Sound, Geologists Say
02/26/20 Expires 12/31/20 Southcentral New Regulations For The Northern Kenai Peninsula Sport Fisheries In 2020
02/26/20 Expires 12/31/20 Southcentral New Regulations For Northern And Western Cook Inlet Fisheries In 2020
02/26/20 Expires 12/31/20 Southcentral New Regulations For Lower Cook Inlet Sport Fisheries In 2020
03/09/20 Statewide The Division Of Sport Fish Is Changing Terms Associated With News And Informational Documents
03/17/20 Statewide Fisheries Centers Will Close To The Public
03/18/20 Statewide Division Of Sport Fish Encourages People To Utilize Online Resources
04/09/20 Statewide Fisheries Centers Will Remain Closed To The Public Indefinitely
04/13/20 Statewide Sport And Personal Use Fishing Restrictions Related To Health Mandate 012
04/20/20 Expired 04/22/20 Statewide Fishing Forums To Be Hosted Temporarily Online
04/22/20 Expired 05/08/20 Statewide ADF&G Seeking Volunteers To Test Mobile Application
06/03/20 Expires 12/31/20 Statewide Halibut Recording Requirements For Charter Clients
06/08/20 Statewide Online Fishing Forum: Sockeye Salmon Fishing 101
06/16/20 Expires 12/31/20 Statewide 2020 Regulations Revised For Charter Halibut Anglers
07/06/20 Expired 07/08/20 Statewide Online Fishing Forum: Dipnetting 101
08/10/20 Expires 10/31/20 Statewide Photo Entries Sought For The 2021 Sport Fishing Regulations Summary Photo Contest
07/22/20 Statewide Division Of Sport Fish Requests People Utilize Online Resources
05/04/20 Statewide Sport And Personal Use Fishing Remain Open
05/11/20 Expired 05/13/20 Statewide Online Fishing Forum: King Salmon Fishing 101