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Alaska Department of Fish and Game

Area Sport Fishing Reports

October 16, 2014

North Kenai Peninsula Management Area

Week of October 13 to October 31
Issued October 14, 2014

Emergency Orders and regulation reminders

• In the Kenai River: Please review the gear restrictions for the Kenai River on page 48 of the Southcentral Alaska Sportfishing Regulations Summary Booklet. Bait and multiple hooks are prohibited upstream of the Upper Killey – Kenai rivers confluence. In addition, review the daily bag limit regulations for coho salmon and the restrictions for coho salmon fishing downstream of the Sterling Highway Bridge crossing in Soldotna.

Salmon – Kenai & Kasilof Rivers

• Kenai River water levels are now well below average from this date and the water conditions for fishing are ideal.

• Coho salmon are still be caught by anglers fishing in the Kenai River. Coho salmon fishing is expected to remain fair in the Kenai River thru October.

• The Kasilof River coho salmon run is over for the season.

Resident Fish — Kenai River

• Fishing for rainbow trout has been fair to good recently.

• Good fishing success has been reported in the area below Skilak Lake.

Lake Fishing

• Area lakes remain ice-free. Ice-cover is expected to occur on most lakes by the end of October. Larger lakes will freeze sometime later. Numerous Kenai Peninsula Lakes provide great fishing opportunity in the fall prior to ice-cover. Several Kenai Peninsula lakes are stocked with Rainbow trout, Arctic grayling, land-locked salmon and Arctic char. Numerous lakes also support natural populations of these species as well as lake trout and Dolly Varden. Bait fished under a bobber, small spinners and spoons or fly fishing from a float tube all may produce high catch rates and can provide anglers great fishing.

Northern Pike

• Few area lakes have northern pike, but public access is limited. Private property owners may allow access, but get permission first.
• Pike can be taken using spears, bow and arrow (with arrow attached by a line), bait, spin, and fly-fishing gear. Try fish-shaped and fish-colored lures and flies.
• There is no closed season for pike and the bag limit is unlimited. Wanton waste laws apply so be sure to use, or donate to charity, all the pike you harvest.