Area Sport Fishing Reports

Archived Sport Fishing Report

August 06, 2014

Northern Cook Inlet area

Week of August 6 to August 12
Issued August 6, 2014

Emergency Orders and regulation reminders

• The bag and possession limit for coho (silver) salmon 16 inches or greater in length is increasing from two per day to three per day in those waters of Fish Creek, Cottonwood Creek, and Wasilla Creek open to salmon fishing. Mondays are also added to these weekend-only fisheries, allowing fishing to occur on Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays. These changes go into effect 6:00 a.m., August 9, 2014. Anglers are reminded that sport fishing is only allowed in these waters from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
• Jim Creek, including all waters downstream to the Knik River and continuing downstream on the Knik River to within 100 yards of its confluence with Bodenburg Creek is closed to sport fishing for any species on Mondays and Tuesdays beginning August 11.
• Bait is now allowed in many – but not all – Susitna River tributaries. Check for exceptions to the general regulations before heading out.
• Wasilla Creek is open to fishing for salmon, other than king salmon, from its mouth upstream to the Alaska Railroad bridge; and Cottonwood Creek from its mouth upstream one mile. Motorized watercraft may not be used on Wasilla Creek on Saturday and Sundays, July 15 - August 15.
• Coho salmon 16 inches or longer once removed from fresh water must be retained and become part of the bag limit of the person who originally hooked the fish. A person may not remove a coho salmon 16 inches or longer from the water before releasing it.

Fresh waters


• Fishing for pinks and chums on the Parks Highway streams remains good with some limits of coho being taken. Coho are now being taken with regularity at Clear Creek of the Talkeetna River.
• Fishing at the Eklutna Tailrace is fair to good. Most people are using bait, but lures and flies are also producing fish.

• Little Su coho fishing is good. Bait is now allowed. Use caution when boating on the Little Su as waters are low, especially up-stream of the Little Susitna Public Use Facility.
• Coho fishing has been fair at the Deshka River. Watch for rain, as the Deshka will be a good place to fish on a rainy day.
• Coho fishing should be good in Wasilla Creek/Rabbit Slough, Cottonwood Creek and Fish Creek this weekend.
• Coho fishing on Yentna River tributaries is picking up and should be good this week. Aside from Lake Creek, be sure to try other Yentna tributaries and sloughs such as Moose and Indian Creeks.
• On the west side of Cook Inlet, coho fishing should be good this week.

Trout, Dolly Varden, Grayling

• Fishing for rainbow trout on Parks Highway streams from Willow Creek north to and including Talkeetna is excellent. Stream levels are low and clear.
• Try fishing egg and flesh fly patterns as rainbow trout are now targeting king eggs and beginning to feed on king carcasses; don’t forget the occasional leech or sculpin pattern.

Northern Pike

• Pike can be taken using spears, bow-and-arrow (the arrow must be attached to the bow by a line) bait, spin, and fly-fishing. Try top-water weedless lures and flies in the heavily vegetated bays and sloughs. Herring suspended under a bobber is a sure-fire bet.
• Anglers may retain as many pike as they catch — there is no bag or possession limit. In the freshwaters of West Cook Inlet and Susitna River drainage, anglers are not allowed to release live pike back into the water.
• For road-accessible pike fishing try Horseshoe, Rainbow and Anderson lakes or the Nancy Lake Canoe System Lakes; specifically Frazier, Little Frazier, Tainiana, Ardaw, Milo, Lynx, and Nancy lakes.
• Pike are also present in the lakes, ponds and sloughs of the Susitna River drainage. Boat-accessible locations for pike fishing include the Deshka River, Fish Creek, Flathorn Lake, Hewitt Lake, Fish Creek (Kroto Slough), Moose Creek (Yentna River), and Alexander Creek.
• For fly-in fishing try Alexander, Trapper, Shell, Eight-mile and Sucker lakes.

Lake Fishing

• With the recent cooler temperatures, lake fishing has been excellent.
• Recently stocked lakes with Arctic char include: Irene, Carpenter, Matanuska, Lynne, Prator, Long Lake (mile 86), Finger, and Marion.
• Rainbow catchables are stocked in Knik, Rocky, Weiner, Long Lake (mile 86) and Seventeenmile Lakes.