Area Sport Fishing Reports

Archived Sport Fishing Report

May 21, 2014

Northern Cook Inlet area

Week of May 21 to May 27
Issued May 21, 2014

Emergency Orders and regulation reminders

• Anglers are reminded that flowing waters in the Palmer-Wasilla Zone are CLOSED to all fishing until June 14.
• Many flowing waters along the Parks Highway are catch-and-release only for rainbow trout until June 14.
• Anglers are advised that, in an effort to meet king salmon escapement goals in the Susitna River and Little Susitna River drainages, the following sport fishing restrictions are in effect in the Susitna River drainage (Units 1-6) and Little Susitna River:
o Only one unbaited, single-hook, artificial lure is allowed. Deshka River included.
o King salmon harvest (of any size) is prohibited within Unit 1 (except on Deshka River), on the Parks Highway streams within Unit 2, the upper Susitna (Unit 3), Talachulitna River (Unit 4), Talkeetna River (Unit 5), and Chulitna River (Unit 6). Fishing, but not harvest of king salmon, will be allowed during days and times normally open to king salmon fishing within these management units.
o The Deshka River is open to king salmon harvest 7 days per week. King salmon harvest in the Yentna drainage (except Talachulitna River) is allowed 4 days per week (Fridays-Mondays); king salmon harvest (of any size) is prohibited Tuesdays-Thursdays; only catch-and-release fishing is allowed on these days. The Talachulitna River is restricted to catch-and-release 7 days per week.
o Harvest on the Little Susitna is allowed Saturdays-Mondays. King salmon harvest (of any size) is prohibited Tuesdays-Fridays; only catch-and-release fishing is allowed on these days.
o An annual limit of 2 king salmon over 20 inches applies to Susitna and Little Susitna drainages combined. King salmon that are intended to be released may not be removed from the water and must be released immediately.
o In the waters of Unit 2 open to catch-and-release fishing for king salmon, fishing for trout and other species will not be affected by these emergency regulations for king salmon and will continue as written in current regulation.
o The Eklutna Tailrace is excluded from all king salmon emergency order restrictions.

Fresh waters


• King salmon are now beginning to enter the Susitna and Little Susitna rivers.
• The Deshka River is producing a small number of kings each day. Fishing success should gradually improve as the end of May approaches. The weir has been installed and counts are available online at:
• Fishing at the Eklutna Power Plant Tailrace generally picks up in June.
• A few king salmon have been reported caught in the lower Little Susitna River, well downstream of the public use facility. Water visibility continues to be low with spring melt off.

Trout, Dolly Varden, Grayling

• Parks Highway streams continue to clear. The mouths and lower sections of the Parks Highway streams, including Willow Creek and streams to the north, are providing fair to good action for rainbow trout, Dolly Varden, Arctic grayling.
• Remember that Deception Creek is closed to all fishing until June 15.

Northern Pike

• Anglers may retain as many pike as they catch – there is no bag or possession limit. In the freshwaters of West Cook Inlet and Susitna River drainage, anglers are not allowed to release live pike back into the water.
• Northern pike may be found in shallow, grassy waters. At this time, many pike have finished spawning and are beginning to feed aggressively while still in the shallows.
• For road-accessible pike fishing try the Nancy Lake Recreation Area lakes and Big, Prator, Memory lakes. A couple large pike were recently caught in Big Lake.
• Boat-accessible pike fishing can be found in the side sloughs of the Deshka River, Alexander Creek, Fish Creek (Kroto Slough) and in Hewitt Lake.
• For fly-in pike fishing try Alexander, Eightmile, Trapper, Flathorn and Sucker lakes.

Lake Fishing

• Lake fishing has been excellent. Anglers of all ages are taking full advantage of the freshly stocked lakes and the great weather.
• Recenly stocked lakes include Reed, Walby, Canoe, Kepler/Bradley, Lucille, Echo, Loberg, Matanuska, and Meirs.
• Lakes will continue to be stocked, so stay tuned to the fish stocking web page-

Personal Use

• Hooligan are in! Anglers fishing sandbars on the Susitna are catching them in large numbers. Fishing should be good through this week.
• You must hold an Alaskan resident sport fishing license (or ADF&G senior license or ADF&G Disabled Veteran’s license) in order to use a dipnet to catch hooligan. You may take as many hooligan as you will use.