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Area Sport Fishing Reports

June 23, 2017

Week of June 21 to June 27

Emergency Orders and Regulation Reminders

  • An emergency order was issued to close the Deshka River to the use of bait, beginning 6 a.m., Friday, June 23.
  • An emergency order was issued to close the Little Susitna River to fishing for king salmon, except on two consecutive three day weekends that occur Saturday – Monday, July 1 – July 3; and Saturday – Monday, July 8 – July 10. This closure takes effect 6 a.m., Saturday, June 24.
  • The following sport fishing restrictions effecting king salmon fisheries are also in effect in the Susitna River drainage (Units 1-6):
    • Only one unbaited, single-hook, artificial lure is allowed, except Deshka River and Little Susitna River where multiple hooks are currently allowed.
    • The annual limit for king salmon in Cook Inlet is five fish over 20 inches in length, of which only two may be from the Little Susitna River and only two may be from the Yentna River drainage (Unit 4). King salmon that are intended to be released may not be removed from the water and must be released immediately.
    • King salmon harvest in the Yentna drainage is allowed four days per week (Fridays-Mondays); king salmon harvest (of any size) is prohibited Tuesdays-Thursdays; only catch-and-release fishing is allowed on these days.
    • King salmon harvest (of any size) is prohibited within Unit 1 (except on Deshka River), on the Parks Highway streams within Unit 2, the Upper Susitna (Unit 3), Talkeetna River (Unit 5), and Chulitna River (Unit 6). Fishing, but not harvest of king salmon, will be allowed during days and times normally open to king salmon fishing within these management units.
    • In the waters of Unit 2 open to catch-and-release fishing for king salmon, fishing for trout and other species will not be affected by these emergency regulations for king salmon and will continue as written in current regulation.
    • The Eklutna Tailrace is excluded from all king salmon emergency order restrictions. Please review the applicable regulations in the 2017 Southcentral Sport Fishing Regulations Summary booklet.
    • Anglers are reminded that a regulation passed by the Board in 2014 impacting boat motor use on the Little Susitna River is in effect this season. On the Little Susitna River, a person may not sport fish from a boat that is powered by use of a motor, unless the motor is a 4-stroke motor or direct fuel injection 2-stroke motor. Anglers may use a boat powered by a non-direct fuel injected 2-stroke motor to access areas to sport fish from the bank, but may not sport fish from the boat.



  • Fishing for king salmon at the Deshka River has been fair.
  • Kings are now throughout the Eklutna Tailrace and downstream of the mouth. Fishing recently has been fair. Many fish are being caught on yellow or chartreuse size 5 spinners. Also try fishing eggs under a bobber.
  • Lake Creek and some of the other Yentna River tributaries are producing some king salmon. Fishing has been fair to good at times. McDougal slough and the mouth of Fish Lakes Creek are a good bet. Also try Moose and Indian creeks.
  • Parks Highway streams remain open to catch and release fishing for king salmon. Fishing should be good this next three day weekend (Saturday – Monday).
  • The Little Susitna and Deshka weirs are in operation; fish counts are available online.

Trout, Dolly Varden, Grayling

  • Fishing for rainbow trout on the Parks Highway streams from Willow Creek north is excellent. Fishing for Dolly Varden and Arctic grayling should be good.
  • Willow Creek has multiple access points off Willow Fishhook Road. Montana Creek may be accessed at several locations off the Talkeetna Spur Road. Single day float trips are popular on Willow and Montana creeks. For the adventurer, try a hike up the North or Middle forks of Montana Creek.

Northern Pike

  • Pike fishing is excellent in June as they aggressively feed at this time.
  • Anglers may retain as many pike as they catch – there is no bag or possession limit. In the freshwaters of West Cook Inlet and Susitna River drainage, anglers are not allowed to release live pike back into the water.
  • For road-accessible pike fishing, try the Nancy Lake Recreation Area lakes, Big Lake, Long Lake near Willow, Memory and Prator lakes.
  • Boat-accessible pike fishing can be found in the side sloughs of the Deshka River, Alexander Creek, Fish Creek (Kroto Slough) and Hewitt Lake.
  • For fly-in pike fishing try Alexander, Shell, Eightmile, Trapper, Flathorn and Sucker lakes.
  • For fly-in pike fishing try Alexander Lake, Shell Lake, Eightmile Lake, Trapper Lake, Flathorn Lake, and Sucker Lake.

Lake Fishing

  • Lake stocking in the valley has been extensive; you can drive in almost any direction and find a recently stocked lake in your area.
  • Fishing is reported as excellent, especially lakes where catchable rainbow trout have been stocked.
  • Lakes with catchable trout include: Matanuska, Lucille, Rocky, Loberg, South Rolly, Kink, Memory, Meirs, Kepler/Bradley, Canoe, Knob, North Knob, Weiner, Kashwitna, Willow, Coyote, Slipper (Eska), Gate, Mile 180, Tanaina, Walby, Long (mile 86), and Ravine Lakes.
  • Lakes stocked with catchable char include: Echo, Lynne, Memory, and Carpenter.


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