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August 31, 2015

Saltwater Fishing

  • King salmon catch rates have tapered off for the season with just a few fish being caught weekly in the Ketchikan area.
  • Coho catches picked up a little from last week, however, continue to be slower than average for this time of year. Inside water catch rates should improve as we move into September.
  • Pink and chum salmon are starting to wind down a little with a lot of fish moving into freshwater systems to spawn. Catch rate will continue to dwindle over the next couple weeks for these species.
  • Effort was down this last week due to nasty weather conditions, however, there was still some decent catches reported on the few nicer days.

Freshwater Fishing

  • Cutthroat and Rainbow trout fishing will continue to be productive over the next month or two. Roadside anglers should give the Ward Lake, Harriet Hunt Lake, Talbot and Carlanna Lakes a try. Very good fishing reports have been coming in from the Naha drainage, if a remote trip is on your mind.
  • Numerous freshwater opportunities are now available with decent numbers of pinks and chums showing up in most anadromous streams and will continue to build thru August and into September.
  • A few coho will start making an appearance in freshwater, however, except for a few summer run systems, they will be few and far between. Freshwater runs will start building stronger in September.
  • Dolly Varden fishing should be picking up with many fish following the salmon returns into freshwater. Fishing should continue to improve over the next couple months and into fall.


  • All anglers are responsible for knowing the current regulations for the area that they will be fishing. Regulation handbooks and copies of the most current regulatory changes are available on this website and at the Ketchikan ADF&G office, (907) 225-2859.



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