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Area Sport Fishing Reports

May 24, 2016

King Salmon Fishing

Catches of king salmon have been below seasonal averages for the past few weeks.  However, a pulse of fish came through the area late last week with good catch rates reported at the shoreline fishery at Picnic Cove and the marine boat fishery in T-Harbor.  A few fish were also reported from the backside of Douglas, Marmion, Pt Bishop, Outer Point, the Breadline, Cordwood, and Funter Bay down to Lizard Head. Fishing shallower around the tide changes with white, red and chartreuse, and green and silver flashers may give good results. Whole herring or cut plugs are always a good choice. With the hot, clear days, be sure to bring sunglasses and sunscreen!  Good luck! 


Juneau Area King Salmon Sport Fishing Regulations (saltwater) April 15 – June 30, 2016

For the waters of District 11, north of Pt. Hugh, north through District 15 to south of Sherman Rock:

  • The bag and possession limit for District 11 (Juneau area) is one king salmon, 28 inches or greater in length, for all anglers.
  • The waters of Taku Inlet north of a line from Cooper Point to the mouth of Dorothy Creek are closed to king salmon fishing.

These regulations are in place because Taku River king salmon production is low at this time. More liberal regional bag limits, set under the Southeast Alaska King Salmon Mangment Plan are not appropriate in areas where local king salmon stocks are in a period of low productivity.


Southeast Alaska Regionwide King Salmon Sport Fishing Regulations (outside the Juneau area)

Alaskan Resident

  • The resident bag and possession limit is three king salmon, 28 inches or greater in length.


  • The nonresident bag and possession limit is two king salmon, 28 inches or greater in length, during May and June.
  • The nonresident annual limit is six king salmon 28 inches or greater in length.
  • Nonresident anglers shall immediately record, in ink, all king salmon harvested either on the back of their sport fishing license or on a nontransferable harvest record.

Sport anglers may only use 1 rod while fishing for king salmon from April 1, 2016 through September 30, 2016.

Anglers should keep an eye on the Sportfish News Releases: for sportfishing regulations. The hatchery king salmon regulations in the designated terminal harvest area will be addressed in another, separate news release to be published early next week.

Halibut and Rockfish

A few marine boat anglers fishing west of Pt Retreat in Funter Bay, at Hanus reef, and the Sisters, and at Pt Hilda reported catching a few halibut, Quillback, Silvergrey, and Black rockfish.

Halibut limits for unguided anglers are 2 fish per day, any size with 4 in possession. Charter anglers may keep 1 fish daily, which must be less than or equal to 43 inches or greater than or equal to 80 inches in length.

Anglers are reminded that all Non-Pelagic rockfish caught must be retained until their bag limit is reached. Please consult the 2016 Sport Fishing Regulations Summary for Southeast Alaska, page 36, to identify Pelagic and Non-Pelagic rockfish.

The Northern Southeast Alaska season for lingcod opened May 16.  Alaskan residents may keep 1 lingcod daily with 2 in possession, no size limits. Nonresidents may keep 1 lingcod daily with 1 in possession, annual limit of 2. Lingcod size limits are 30-35 inches, or 55 inches or greater. Nonresidents must record all lingcod harvested on the back of their sport fish license or on a harvest record.

Please consult the 2016 Southeast Alaska Sport Fishing Regulations to identify pelagic and non-pelagic rockfish and for daily bag and possession limits for lingcod and rockfish.

Dolly Varden char, Rainbow and Cutthroat Trout fishing

A few sea-run Dolly Varden char, are now being caught in the marine boat fisheries in nearshore waters.  Anadromous rainbows and cutthroat trout are leaving freshwaters as water temperatures increase and returning to the estuaries and marine environment to feed. Fly fishermen have been successfuly targeting lake outlets, streams and rivers connecting to salt waters. Sshoreline fishing can be very productive as Dollies and trout cruise the shoreline looking for food. Spoons and spinners work well, as do smolt and fry imitations.

Anglers should check the 2016 Southeast Alaska Sport Fishing Regulations for trout and Dolly Varden regulations. Juneau Area Freshwater Special Regulations for local lakes, creeks, rivers, and drainages can be found on pages 18-21. Unless otherwise specified, cutthroat and rainbow trout limits (in combination) on the Juneau Road System are 2 daily and 2 in possession, 14 inch minimum and 22 inch maximum. Dolly Varden limits are 2 daily, 2 in possession, no size limit.


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