Emergency Orders and News Releases

Date Area Summary Action
01/30/19 Expired 02/09/19 Anchorage Get Out And Fish! – Wefishak Community Fishing Day At Jewel Lake On February 9
02/07/19 Expired 02/13/19 Anchorage Fishery Forum: Learn How To Smoke, Can, And Pickle Fish
03/04/19 Expired 03/13/19 Anchorage Making Changes To Fishing Regulations: Learn How To Get Involved
03/27/19 Anchorage ADF&G Releases Cook Inlet Salmon Escapement Goal Recommendations
04/04/19 Expired 04/10/19 Anchorage Fishery Forum: Learn How To Fish For Ship Creek Kings
05/01/19 Expired 05/08/19 Anchorage Introduction To Fly Fishing
05/24/19 Expired 05/30/19 Anchorage Ice Is Out- Help Stock Trout
06/03/19 Expired 06/12/19 Anchorage Intro To Sockeye Salmon Fishing
06/27/19 Expired 06/30/19 Anchorage Campbell Creek Youth-Only King Salmon Fishery June 29 And 30
07/01/19 Expired 07/10/19 Anchorage Introduction To Dipnetting For Salmon
01/02/19 Expired 01/09/19 Anchorage ADF&G Offers A Set Line For Burbot Seminar
07/23/19 Expired 08/04/19 Anchorage Invasive Goldfish Removal At Cuddy Pond
08/07/19 Expired 08/14/19 Anchorage Intro To Coho Salmon Fishing
08/06/19 Expires 12/31/19 Statewide 2019 Upper Cook Inlet Personal Use Salmon Permits Must Be Returned By August 15
01/02/19 Statewide 2019 Statewide Sport Fish Stocking Plan Open For Public Comment
07/11/19 Statewide Register Now For The Summer Becoming An Outdoors-Woman Workshop!
05/01/19 Expires 12/31/19 Statewide Freshwater Sport Fishing Guide Logbooks No Longer Required
05/16/19 Statewide Alaska Department Of Fish And Game Partners With The Western Native Trout Challenge