(Released: October 21, 2021)

CONTACT: Andrew Gryska
Area Management Biologist
(907) 459-7339

Ice House Registration Reminder

(Fairbanks) The Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) reminds anglers in the Tanana River drainage that any ice house left overnight (not removed from the ice daily) must be registered annually with the Division of Sport Fish. An ice house includes all shelters, temporary and permanent, that are used when fishing through the ice (including portable or “pop up” types of shelters or tents). Registration is only required for ice houses that are left overnight from October 1 through April 30.

A permit will be issued that includes a unique permit number at the time of registration. The unique permit number remains with the permit holder/ice house and will be reissued when the permit is renewed annually. This permit number must be displayed on the side and on the roof of the ice house with numbers that are at least 12 inches high and 1 inch wide and are plainly visible in a color that contrasts with the background. A copy of the current ice fishing season’s signed permit must be kept in the ice house anytime it is being used, and the permittee must remove the ice house from the ice no later than April 30.

To register your ice house, please call the Fairbanks ADF&G Office at (907)459-7228, the Delta Junction ADF&G Office at (907)895-4632, or visit either office.

For additional information, please contact Andrew Gryska at (907) 459-7339 or andrew.gryska@alaska.gov.