(Released: August 08, 2018 - Expired: December 31, 2018)

Division of Sport Fish
Tom Brookover, Director
Anchorage Headquarters Office
333 Raspberry Road
Anchorage, AK 99518

Alaska Department of Fish and Game
Sam Cotten, Commissioner
P.O. Box 115526
Juneau, AK 99811-5526

Contact: Adam St. Saviour, Fishery Biologist
(907) 746-6329

ADF&G Reminds Dipnetters & Setnetters to Report Their 2018 Upper Cook Inlet Personal Use Salmon Harvest

(Palmer) - The Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) would like to remind 2018 Upper Cook Inlet Personal Use permit holders that August 15, 2018, is the deadline to report your harvest for the Kasilof and Kenai rivers, and Fish Creek fisheries. These fisheries include the Kasilof River gillnet, Kasilof and Kenai rivers dipnet, and Fish Creek dipnet, which opened this year by emergency order.

ADF&G reminds participants they are required by law to report their harvests even if they did not fish, or even if they fished but caught nothing. Compliance with the permit requirements is important for future management of the Upper Cook Inlet personal use fisheries.

Participants can report their harvest online on the ADF&G webpage, regardless if they obtained an electronic or paper permit. In addition, participants may also access the harvest reporting webpage from a smart phone or tablet device by scanning the QR code on the electronic permit. Participants may also mail their permits to the address printed on the back, or hand-deliver their permits to local ADF&G offices during regular business hours.

If returning paper permits to ADF&G, permit holders are reminded to review all the information on the permit for legibility and accuracy. If no one in the household went personal use fishing, please answer “NO” for the question “Did you fish for personal use in 2018?” and return the permit to ADF&G.

For additional information, please contact the Anchorage Sport Fish Information Center at (907) 267-2218 or Palmer Fishery Biologist Adam St. Saviour at (907) 746-6329.