Emergency Orders and Press Releases

Date Area Summary Action
12/27/17 Expired 01/30/18 Statewide 2018 Statewide Sport Fish Stocking Plan Public Comment Period
02/01/18 Southeast Southeast Alaska Sport Fishery Regulation Changes And King Salmon Sport Fishery Management For 2018
03/30/18 Expired 04/05/18 Southeast Use Of Two Rods In The Southeast Alaska King Salmon Fishery Ends March 31
04/03/18 Expired 05/03/19 Southeast King Salmon Sport Fishing Regulations In Effect For Southeast Alaska
04/11/18 Expired 04/27/18 Statewide ADF&G Proposes Amendment To The 2018 Statewide Stocking Plan
04/17/18 Expired 03/31/19 Southeast Southeast Alaska Nonpelagic Rockfish Sport Fishing Regulations For 2018
04/18/18 Expired 09/09/18 Southeast Filleting And De-Heading Of Lingcod, King And Coho Salmon, And Nonpelagic Rockfish Prohibited In Southeast Alaska Sport Fisheries
04/23/18 Expired 12/31/18 Yakutat Situk River Closed To Sport Fishing For King Salmon Closure
05/02/18 Expired 11/30/18 Yakutat Southeast Alaska 2018 Lingcod Sport Fishing Regulations Set For The Yakutat Area
06/14/18 Southeast Permits Now Required And Available Online For Sport Anglers Shrimp Fishing In Southeast
06/28/18 Expired 12/31/18 Yakutat Situk River Closed To Retention Of Sockeye Salmon Closure
07/10/18 Expired 08/15/18 Yakutat Situk, Lost, And Ahrnklin Rivers Closed To Sport Fishing For Sockeye Salmon And Closed Area Below Situk River Weir Expanded Closure
07/25/18 Expired 08/31/18 Southeast 2018 Southeast Alaska Nonpelagic Rockfish Closure For Outside Waters Closure
08/07/18 Statewide Eklutna Tailrace Voted The Nation’S Top Mom-Approved Fishing Location
08/13/18 Expired 12/31/18 Yakutat Situk, Lost, And Ahrklin Rivers Closed To Sport Fishing For Sockeye Salmon Closure
08/28/18 Southeast Pacific Salmon Commission Completes Negotiations On New Coast Wide Conservation And Harvest Sharing Agreement
09/05/18 Statewide Non-Native Bass Caught In Anchorage Lake
09/19/18 Statewide New ADF&G Videos Show How To Fish For Coho Salmon
09/20/18 Statewide Entries Sought For 2019 Sport Fishing Regulations Summary Photo Contest
10/10/18 Expired 12/31/18 Statewide ADF&G Surveys Anglers About Regulation Complexities
10/11/18 Expired 11/30/18 Statewide ADF&G To Mail Annual Sport Fishing Harvest Survey
11/29/18 Expired 02/28/19 Yakutat Yakutat ADF&G Office To Be Seasonally Closed