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Regulatory Atlas Maps

2015 Regulatory Atlas Maps

Only those maps listed are available for download.

To locate a map (PDF format), select on one of the six regions. The list of updated maps available for viewing from the selected quad will be displayed. Listed Atlas maps utilize a 3 character USGS abbreviation for each map quad name (i.e., ADAK A-3 would be listed as ADAA3.pdf). Once you have located your map, save the file to your computer by right-clicking on the link. Bear in mind that these PDF files are quite large (several Megabytes) and download speed will vary with connection speed.

Southwest Western Southcentral Interior Arctic Southeast Southwest Western Southeast Southcentral Interior Arctic

Click on the map to select a region.

AWC Regional Boundaries

Maps are available in three scales: 1:250,000, 1:63:360, and 1:25,000. The 1:250,000 quad maps cover an entire quad (i.e. Arctic) at that scale. The 1:250,000 scale index maps depict the boundaries of 1:63,360 scale quads (i.e. Arctic A-1). The shaded 1:63,360 quads indicate that there are anadromous water bodies in that quad. The shading appears black when the entire 1:250,000-scale map is viewed, but the shading becomes easier to see through as magnification increases. The 1:25,000 scale maps cover the northeast, southeast, northwest, and southwest quadrants of the 1:63,360 scale maps (i.e. Valdez A-7 SE). These maps were created to display a part of the map where there are a number of anadromous water bodies in such a small area that it is difficult to distinguish individual rivers, streams, or lakes. The 1:63,360 scale maps display the anadromous water bodies found in the quad.

Contact J. Johnson if you have questions, require additional information or want several maps, or identify errors that require correction.