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Alaska Department of Fish and Game

GIS Data

The Alaska Department of Fish & Game has completed the process of converting the existing paper AWC maps into a digital Geographic Information System (GIS) format. Existing GIS data coverages are available for downloading and use for persons with GIS capabilities. The zipped download files contain shapefiles for the point and line data layers in Albers projection. Downloads are free, however, users are required to fill out a registration form prior to downloading the data. The registration information is utilized to better serve our user groups and to notify patrons of the posting of new data.

2015 datasets for all six regions of the state are now available. These datasets (NAD 83) were utilized to produce the 2015 regulatory update revision of the Catalog and Atlas.

Stream numbers, locations, extent of cataloged habitat and species utilization of a given stream may change from year to year. Additionally, new streams are being added on an annual basis. It is the responsibility of the user to maintain an up to date version of the electronic data files. This data is not a legal document and should not be relied upon for making decisions regarding permitting needs. The user should contact the local office of the ADF&G to determine if a permit is required under AS 16.05.871 - 881 and 5 AAC 95.011.