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July 19, 2021

King Salmon

All marine waters in the Petersburg/Wrangell management area are now open to the retention of king salmon. The regional bag, possession, and nonresident annual limits, apply in all waters except the Blind Slough/Wrangell Narrows terminal harvest area where additional opportunity is provided for these hatchery produced king salmon. The revised regional regulations issued 6/21/21 are:

Residents: the bag and possession limit is 2 king salmon greater than 28” in length, with no annual limit.

Nonresidents: the bag and possession limit is 1 king salmon greater than 28” in length. The nonresident annual harvest limit is:

  • From January 1 through June 30: 3 king salmon;
  • From July 1 through July 7: 2 king salmon;
  • From July 8 through December 31: 1 king salmon;
  • Any king salmon harvested after January 1 will count toward the nonresident annual harvest limit.

Blind Slough/Wrangell Narrows

Catch rates for Alaska hatchery king salmon within the Blind Slough/Wrangell Narrows terminal harvest have started to decline as more fish move into freshwater. Anglers can continue to find opportunity for these king salmon over the next few weeks but expect catch rates to decline.

King salmon sport fishing regulations in the Blind Slough/Wrangell Narrows Terminal Harvest Area apply through July 31:

  • Residents: Bag and possession limit: 3 king salmon over 28 inches and 2 king salmon under 28 inches.
  • Nonresidents: Bag and possession limit: 2 king salmon over 28 inches and 2 king salmon under 28 inches. The nonresident annual limit does not apply in this area.

Special regulations for the City Creek Release Site have now expired, the regional regulations listed above apply in the marine waters surrounding City Creek.

Coho Salmon

Coho salmon are starting to be intercepted in local marine waters. Anglers can expect catch rates to increase in the coming weeks as more coho migrate into the inside waters en route to their spawning streams. The local hot spots for early season coho salmon are in Sumner Strait and Clarence Strait.


Rockfish can be found year-round in marine waters and can be a great way to start your fishing season. Rockfish are managed by species groups with different bag and possession limits depending on the species. A helpful species identification guide is available on the ADFG website. Please see current emergency orders for a full description of these management actions. Anglers are reminded that a rockfish release device is now required to be used whenever releasing rockfish and the release device must be on board your vessel whenever sport fishing in marine waters.

Demersal shelf rockfish (including yelloweye): closed to retention.

Pelagic rockfish: a daily bag limit of 5 and possession limit of 10 in the Petersburg/Wrangell/Kake area.

Slope rockfish: daily bag and possession limit of 1.


Anglers have been reporting good success rates when fishing for halibut. Typically, halibut catch rates increase as we progress through the summer and peak in the early fall.


The sport fishery for lingcod is now open. Nonresident anglers are reminded that size limits are different between northern and southern Southeast Alaska. Please refer to the advisory announcement addressing lingcod to review the regulations for the area you intend to fish. For residents, lingcod regulations are the same across Southeast Alaska with a bag limit of 1 daily and 2 in possession with no size limit.

Just a reminder to all our anglers, please do your part to help slow the spread of Covid-19 by following and reviewing the current State of Alaska Health Mandates in effect.


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