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Area Sport Fishing Reports

July 05, 2018

King Salmon

Anglers are finding success harvesting king salmon with the highest catch rates still being found in the Wrangell Narrows-Blind Slough terminal area. Anglers should be aware that different king salmon regulations apply depending on the area in which you are fishing:

Waters adjacent to the Stikine River

King salmon may not be retained in the marine waters adjacent to the Stikine River (district 8 and a small portion of district 7, in Eastern Passage) until July 15. For more information and a map of the area boundaries, please see the news release issued on March 29, 2018, announcing king salmon restrictions in the Petersburg/Wrangell area.

Hatchery king salmon areas at City Creek and Blind Slough/Wrangell Narrows

Special king salmon regulations apply in the Blind Slough-Wrangell Narrows terminal area and the City Creek release site, where Alaska hatchery king salmon are returning. Preliminary marine creel survey information indicates fair catch rates over the last three weeks in the Blind Slough-Wrangell Narrows Terminal area, consistent with the preseason forecast. Anglers can expect peak catch rates in these areas during the next few weeks, now is the time to get out there and fish! For more information on the bag and possession limits and a map of the area boundaries, please see the news release issued May 22, 2018.

Remaining marine waters in the Petersburg and Wrangell area

In all other marine waters within the management area the regional king salmon bag, possession and annual limits apply:

  • The bag and possession limit (residents and nonresidents) is one king salmon 28 inches or greater in length.
  • For nonresidents the annual harvest limit is now one king salmon, nonresident anglers are reminded to record their king salmon harvest on the back of their fishing license or harvest record card.

For additional information on regionwide king salmon sport fishing regulations in Southeast Alaska, please review the news release issued on April 3, 2018.

Coho Salmon

The first few coho salmon were intercepted in the sport fishery during this last week. Anglers fishing in Sumner Strait or adjacent to Prince of Wales Island may intercept early returning “summer run” coho salmon returning to Prince of Wales Island. Anglers can expect to see catch rates increase as the summer progresses with peak catch rates occurring in August.


NEW - Anglers are now required to obtain a free permit for sport, personal use, and subsistence shrimp harvest beginning Monday June 25, 2018. Print your own permit online at the ADF&G store or stop in at your local ADF&G office. This new permit requires anglers to report their harvest of shrimp and will allow ADF&G to collect more accurate shrimp harvest information from all noncommercial harvesters.


Halibut catch rates are increasing in local marine waters with many anglers reporting successful fishing trips. Halibut catch rates typically increase as the summer progresses.

Dolly Varden and Cutthroat Trout

This is an excellent time to target Dolly Varden and Cutthroat trout in nearshore marine waters. These species often feed along nearshore marine environments as juvenile salmon exit their freshwater habitat and utilize nearshore habitat in their first months at sea. Freshwater fishing for cutthroat and Dolly Varden can also be excellent this time of year as water temperatures are warming and fish are active. Try fishing along cutbanks, confluences, pools and around large woody debri for fast paced action.

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