Sport Fish Harvest Rates

The average harvest rate (HPUE) from the most recent 5 years is an accurate surrogate for the current year’s harvest rate during the same time period, and as such can be a useful tool used by anglers for trip planning. Although harvest rates can vary year to year (especially early and late in the season for a given species), on average these harvest rates are accurate indicators of the best time of the season to be on the water for a given species and area. Harvest rates presented here are for information purposes only and do NOT include information from the current year.

Petersburg Chinook HPUE

Petersburg Coho HPUE

Petersburg Pink HPUE

Petersburg Chum HPUE

Petersburg Halibut HPUE

Petersburg Rockfish HPUE

Wrangell Chinook HPUE

Wrangell Coho HPUE

Wrangell Pink HPUE

Wrangell Chum HPUE

Wrangell Halibut HPUE

Wrangell Rockfish HPUE

* No Data
- No Fish Sampled