Introduction to the Anadromous Waters Catalog

Update Procedures

Procedures are in place, which provide for regular updating of the AWC. Water bodies, or particular stream reaches, can be added or deleted and the upper range of anadromous water bodies changed as more current surveys document the presence or absence of anadromous fish. Anyone can submit a proposal for additions or changes to the AWC. However, proposals from other than ADF&G staff may be subject to field verification prior to approval by ADF&G.

Proposals for revisions should be submitted to:

ADF&G Sport Fish Division Regional Office
ATTN: Joe Giefer
333 Raspberry Road
Anchorage, Alaska   99518

The proposed revision must include a nomination form, available through Sport Fish Division regional offices or website, which lists the name and location of the water body, the fish species observed using the water body, the date fish were observed; the life stages (migration, spawning, or rearing) for which the water body is being used, if known; and any other clarifying information. The person submitting the proposed revision must sign the nomination form.

The location of water body and the upper known extent of anadromous fish use should be marked on a 1:63,360-scale USGS map or better. Field sketches or aerial photography are also helpful.

Changes to the Anadromous Waters Catalog and Atlas will be made in accordance with 5 AAC 95.011 and the regulation adopting procedures of the Administrative Procedures Act (AS 44.62). Deadline for nomination submission is Sept. 30, annually.