Area Sport Fishing Reports
North Slope

July Season

Note: Presence of a particular fish species does not necessarily mean that it is legal to fish for that species. In addition, some waters have terminal tackle restrictions and all have bag and possession limits that may differ between drainages. Please consult current sport fishing regulations for the waters in which you plan to fish.

Sometimes sport fishing regulations are modified inseason, usually in the case of salmon. Please review these “Emergency Orders” prior to wetting your line.

North Slope

Most large lakes along the Dalton Highway corridor will be ice-free and fishing for lake trout, Arctic grayling, and Arctic char can be good. Generally, lake trout in lakes along the Dalton Highway don’t get very big, although 10-12 pound fish can be caught in larger lakes such and Galbraith and Toolik. Be sure to identify what you are catching, as Arctic char and lake trout look very similar and the sport regulations regarding these two species are different. Fishing for Arctic grayling in creeks and lake outlets should be good, and a few burbot can be caught in the Sagavanirktok, Colville, and Ivishak rivers, as well as Galbraith and Toolik lakes. Spawning runs of Dolly Varden begin to appear in the Ivishak, Colville, Canning, Hulahula, and Kongakut rivers towards the end of the month. These fish average 3-6 pounds and can be quite aggressive, readily striking spoons, spinners, and large green jigs. Large sinking flash-flies also work well.

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