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Archived Sport Fishing Report

May 06, 2019


An excellent resource for planning a trip to Sitka is the gofishak interactive map  which provides information on fishing locations, species run timing, fishing gear and angler access.

For further information, please feel free to contact the Sitka area sportfish management staff at (907) 747-5355.

Relevant Spring Fisheries:


The spring steelhead fishing season has begun on local rivers. Fishing has been good with recent rain events increasing water levels and pushing more fish into streams. The extended forecast looks like weather will improve with dryer weather moving in. Water levels should crest soon and begin to come down. Fishing should be good for the immediate future. 

Generally associated with stream systems with lakes, the Sitka area has several locations with steelhead. On the road system Sawmill Creek offers the best chance at catching a steelhead, while Indian River and Starrigavin Creek provide less successful opportunities. Other steelhead streams nearby are accessed by boat or airplane and include Salmon Creek, Sitkoh Creek, and Ford Arm Creek among others. Steelhead in the Sitka management area generally enter freshwater streams to spawn during May. 

Dolly Varden and Trout

Dolly Varden and trout can be targeted year-round but are most active in the spring months. Fishing is improving. Jevenile pimk salmon are being seen in large numbers throughout harbors and mouths of streams. Dolly Varden and other resident species target these fish as they migrate and exit streams. Fishing should be good for the next few weeks.

On the road system the marine waters near the mouths of Starrigavin Creek, Indian River and Sawmill Creek should be productive. Most other stream mouths accessible by boat or plane should be good as well. 

King Salmon

Recent reports received so far indicate king fishing is improving and good in certain locations. Most of the effort has been expended within Sitka Sound, with limits being caught. King salmon fishing in Sitka area waters should continue to improve through mid to late-May.

Other Fisheries:


It is still early to target halibut as most fishing is done in the summer months, however catching a halibut is still possible this time of year. Halibut fishing in Sitka area waters should begin to pick up by mid to late-May.


Sport fishing for lingcod is currently closed in all Southeast Alaska waters


Fishing for rockfish is good. Rockfish are available year-round, and fishing is generally good this time of year. Anglers are encouraged to use a rockfish release device whenever releasing nonpelagic rockfish. Please see the Southeast Alaska Sport Fish Regulation Summary or visit your local ADF&G office to see examples of rockfish release devices and learn about their use.

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