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Area Sport Fishing Reports

January 04, 2019

The following ice measurements were taken on January 03, 2019.

  • Birch Lake – 24” about 400 yards out from the DOT wayside
  • Harding Lake – 21” about 400 yards out from the 5th Street boat launch
  • Chena Lake – 23” near the fishing pier, around all the fishing huts
  • Cushman Lake – 15” about 400 yards out from the boat launch area
  • Lisa Lake - 24" even with the rock in the middle of both shorelines

Always use extreme caution when traversing the ice. Remember that ice will be thinnest over flowing water, inlet and outlet areas, deeper areas, and areas of upwelling.

This report will be updated as new ice information is received.

Be safe and good fishing!


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Jan 04, 2019

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