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July 28, 2017

Kings are still moving up the Chena River. Visual counts at the dam to date are 1722 kings.

The daily bag and possession limit for kings, in the Chena River, is one over 20 inches. For king salmon less than 20 inches, the limit is 10 per day, 10 in possession.

Remember that it is not legal to use treble hooks in the Chena River for the taking of salmon.

King salmon are also in the Salcha River. The visual counters have recorded nearly 3,128 king salmon so far.

Remember that is not legal to use treble hooks with a gap between point and shank greater than ½ inch when fishing for salmon in the Salcha River.

As more king and chum salmon move up the Chena and Salcha rivers, egg patterns may be a good choice for Arctic grayling fishing.

Area lakes have been stocked and fishing has been good. Try some of the less visited lakes for a terrific fishing experience. You can find the Tanana Drainage Stocked Lakes Fishing Guide on-line and explore the over 95 fishing opportunities available in the Tanana drainage.

Be sure to check the sport fishing regulations and emergency orders for the waters in which you plan to fish.

This report will be updated as new information is received.


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