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May 09, 2019

Prince William Sound Management Area

Week of May 8 - May 14

Emergency Orders        

  • Please review the Emergency Orders and News Releases below in their entirety before heading out on your next fishing trip.
    • Emergency Order 2-SHR-6-15-19 reduced shrimp pots to no more than three pots per person, with no more than three pots per vessel.

Freshwater Fishing

  • Salmon
    • There are reports of sockeye salmon starting their way into the Eyak River in Cordova but no reports from sport anglers catching any fish.
  • Trout/Dolly Varden/Arctic Char
    • Fishing closures are in place for cutthroat trout and rainbow trout/steelhead from April 15 - June 14 to protect spawning fish.

Saltwater Fishing

  • Halibut/Lingcod/Rockfish
    • Lingcod season will open on July 1.
    • Rockfish and halibut are the favorites to catch in Prince William Sound right now!
    • Rockfish limits year-round are 4 fish per day, 8 in possession of which only 1 can be a nonpelagic rockfish. Stop by the ADF&G office in Anchorage for a handy ID sheet!
    • Effective January 2020, the use of a deepwater release mechanism will be required to be onboard all vessels sportfishing in the Prince William Sound Management Area and they must be used to release rockfish at depth of capture or 100 feet, whichever is shallower.
      • Never heard of deepwater release?? Check out our webpage for more info!
  • Salmon:
    • Lots of jumpers are already being observed out there. Mostly chum salmon but it doesn’t hurt to try trolling in passage canal in anticipation of fish that should be returning in the coming month.
  • Shrimp:
    • Don’t forget to get your shrimp permit! The sport and subsistence shrimp season opened on April 15 and will close on September 15, 2019. You are required to have your permit with you and you must record your catch immediately after you harvest shrimp. You can report your harvest online any time or your season harvest by October 15, 2019. Harvest must be reported for each individual time you pull your pots.
    • There is no magic depth for shrimping. A good starting point would be in the 300-400’ range.

Local Lakes

  • While the lakes are open to fishing there is still lots ice at this time.

For additional information, please contact the ADF&G Anchorage Sport Fish Info Desk at (907) 267-2218.


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