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Area Sport Fishing Reports

July 19, 2019

Week of July 18 - July 24

Freshwater Fishing


  • Ship Creek is now CLOSED to king salmon fishing. Portions of the creek remain open to coho and pink salmon, with no time restrictions.
    • Coho salmon fishing continues to pick up. Casting spinners and drifting roe have both been productive.
    • Lots of pink salmon are in the creek and a lot of fun to catch!
  • Portions of Campbell Creek opened to coho salmon fishing on July 14. No other salmon species may be targeted or retained on Campbell Creek.
    • Fishing on Campbell Creek for coho salmon has been slow. Once we get some rain things should start to pick up on the creek.
  • Chester Creek is closed to salmon fishing.
  • Bird Creek (lower portion) opened July 14 to fishing (except for king salmon which is always closed).
    • Fishing for coho salmon has been slow but should continue to pick up. Most anglers are reporting more pink salmon than coho salmon.

Trout (Rainbow Trout/Dolly Varden/Arctic Char)

  • Chester and Campbell creeks are open to sportfishing for trout. A section of North Fork Campbell Creek runs through a recently burned section. You may still see fire crews finishing up if you adventure into that section of Campbell Creek.  
    • Try small spinners or bead-head nymphs in deep pools or along cutbanks. 

Local Lakes

  • Symphony Lake is open to fishing for grayling. Anglers casting small spinners, or a fly are having good success.
  • This warm weather means some morning and evening dry flies will be great action! If you have a canoe, try fishing a little deeper for those fish seeking refuge from the warm water.
  • Mirror Lake had a die off of stickleback and blackfish related to the warm water. Also, a couple of dead char were reported at Little Campbell most likely a result of warmer water.
  • Sand Lake continues to be a great option for those fishing from a canoe or kayak.
  • Lakes on JBER lakes continue to fish well.
  • Find information on lakes in this informational packet.
  • Northern pike are not native to Anchorage area lakes but there are some in Lower Fire Lake. If you catch a pike in any Anchorage area lake, please do not release it and please contact the ADF&G Sport Fish Division immediately at 907-267-2218.


  • Dipnetting for hooligan is closed in saltwaters and freshwaters.

Emergency Orders

  • There are currently no Emergency Orders for the Anchorage Management Area.

For additional information, please contact the ADF&G Anchorage Sport Fish Info Desk at (907) 267-2218.


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