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Area Sport Fishing Reports

September 17, 2019

Fall Fishing Report

Freshwater Fishing


  • Ship Creek is CLOSED to king salmon fishing. Portions of the creek remain open to coho and pink salmon, with no time restrictions.
    • Coho salmon fishing continues to slow down on Ship Creek, but some anglers are still having luck. Casting spinners and drifting roe have both been productive when fish move in on the high tide. Some anglers are sticking around and finding fish as the tide is dropping.
  • Portions of Campbell Creek opened to coho salmon fishing on July 14 and will close on September 30. See map below. No other salmon species may be targeted or retained on Campbell Creek.
    • Fishing on Campbell Creek for coho salmon has picked up with the recent rain.
    • Remember, Campbell Lake is closed to fishing and fishing anywhere below the fence under the Dimond Boulevard overpass is not allowed. Check the regulation booklet for other area’s closed to salmon fishing on Campbell Creek prior to heading out.
  • Chester Creek Drainage including the lagoons is ALWAYS closed to salmon fishing.
  • Bird Creek (lower portion) opened July 14 to fishing (except for king salmon which is always closed) and will close on December 31.
    • Coho salmon fishing continues to slow down on Bird Creek. A few fish are still being picked up. This creek is highly influenced by the tide and most people fish on either side of the tide and not at peak high or low tide.

Trout (Rainbow Trout/Dolly Varden/Arctic Char)

  • Chester and Campbell creeks are open to fishing for trout.
    • Try small spinners or bead-head nymphs in deep pools or along cutbanks.
    • Campbell Creek was recently stocked with rainbow trout. Beads and egg patterns will be good options and even flesh patterns might be a good option.

Local Lakes

  • Cooler weather has been a welcome relief to local lakes. Anglers are having great success catching freshly stocked rainbow trout. Catchable size coho salmon will be stocked in October and be a fun option for anglers. Check our stocking page.
  • Taku-Campbell, Delong, Cheney, Sand, and Mirror lakes were recently stocked with rainbow trout.
  • Symphony Lake is open to fishing for grayling. Anglers casting small spinners, or a fly are having good success but anglers are catching a lot of small fish. Some anglers are adventuring over and catching Dolly Varden in Eagle Lake.
  • Lakes on JBER are fishing great! Otter, Clunie, Waldon, Gwen, and Fish lakes were all stocked with rainbow trout in the last week. In October many of these lakes will be stocked with catchable-sized coho salmon. Remember to check in with Isportsman prior to fishing on base.
  • Want to venture further out of town? Try Tangle and Airstrip Ponds. Both were recently stocked with rainbow trout as well.
  • Find information on lakes in this informational packet or bathymetry maps.

Northern Pike

  • Northern pike are not native to Anchorage area lakes but there are some in Lower Fire Lake. If you catch a pike in any Anchorage area lake, please do not release it and please call in a report to our invasive species hotline at (877) INVASIV or (877) 468-2748 or you can contact the ADF&G Sport Fish Division Information Center at (907) 267-2218.


  • Dipnetting for hooligan will reopen on April 1, 2020, in both fresh and saltwaters.

Emergency Orders

Please review the Emergency Orders and News Releases in their entirety before heading out on your next fishing trip.

  • There are currently no Emergency Orders for the Anchorage Management Area.

This is the last fishing report for the 2019 fishing season. This fishing report will be updated when additional information is available. For current seasonal information, please contact the ADF&G Anchorage Sport Fish Information Center at (907) 267-2218.


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