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Area Sport Fishing Reports
Prince William Sound

June 22, 2017

Week of June 22 – June 28

General Area Description: includes all waters between Cape Fairfield and Cape Suckling.

Regulation Reminders and Emergency Orders

  • Cordova Terminal Harvest Area is closed to snagging from June 1 – September 30.
  • On the Eyak River starting June 1, only single-hook, artificial flies with a hook gap of 3/8 inch or less between point and shank are allowed from a point 200 yards upstream of Eyak Lake dam and to a point 200 yards downstream from the bridge at the outlet of Eyak Lake. No additional weight may be attached to the line when fishing in this area.
  •  Permits are mandatory for all noncommercial shrimp fisherman. Permits are available online, at local ADF&G offices, and at select vendors.
    • Please note that there are no Prince William Sound shrimp permit vendors in Whittier.
  • Per Emergency Order No. 2-SHR-6-11-17: The number of shrimp pots allowed to harvest shrimp in Prince William sound was reduced from five pots per person with a maximum of five pots per vessel, to four pots per person with a maximum of four pots per vessel.
  • Lingcod season is closed until July 1 to protect nest-guarding males.
  • Cutthroat, Rainbow, and Steelhead trout fishing opened on Thursday, June 15.
  • Ibeck Creek is closed to all sport fishing upstream from a point 3 miles above the Copper River Highway.



  • Chinook salmon are returning to the lagoon at Fleming Spit! Fish are being caught daily with some effort although most are being caught in the saltwater.
  • Sockeye salmon fishing in the Eyak River keeps getting better! Conditions have been good for fishing the whole river and the weir. Remember that Eyak Lake is CLOSED to salmon fishing.

Trout, Dolly Varden, Grayling

  • Cutthroat and rainbow/steelhead trout fishing in the Cordova area opened on Thursday, June 15.
  • Dolly Varden are present in many of the streams throughout Prince William Sound and the Copper River Delta. Use fry/smolt imitation flies or small spinners at lake outlets or stream confluences.



  • Chinook salmon returning to the lagoon at Fleming Spit have been caught from the shore. Most anglers are using hardware to catch fish but some are having luck with bait. Remember: the Cordova Terminal Harvest Area is closed to snagging salmon from June 1 – September 30.
  • Sockeye fishing in Main Bay has been slow but should be picking up in the next week. Fishing around Main Bay is easier when there are not commercial openers happening…. check here to get updates on when those are happening.
  • Chums are arriving at Esther Hatchery.

Halibut, Lingcod, and Rockfish

  •  Lingcod is closed until July 1st.
  • Halibut are federally managed by NOAA. Make sure you know the regulations! Unguided and guided anglers have different rules to follow
  • The fish keep on getting bigger in the Valdez Halibut Derby! The new derby leader was caught on Monday and weighed in at 266.6 lbs!
  • Rockfish can be caught year round throughout PWS. Bag limits starting May 1 – September 15 are four per day, eight in possession of which only two may be non-pelagic.

Fishing Tip: Brush up on your rockfish identification before you head out fishing by looking in your 2017 Southcentral Alaska Sport Fishing Regulations Summary booklet on page 90.

REMEMBER if you are targeting multiple species, target rockfish last and use a deepwater release mechanism on all released rockfish (these devices can turn the chance of survival for a rockfish from near zero to near 100%!)

Never heard of deepwater release for rockfish??? For details, see the Rockfish Conservation and Deepwater Release webpage.


  • Shrimp season opened on April 15. Good catches are still being reported. Many people are starting to move deeper but depths of around 400’ have still been productive.
  • You are encouraged to get your permit online but you must have a printed and signed copy with you while fishing. Permit needs to be in possession as you are shrimping and harvest needs to be reported before your catch is concealed.
  • Don’t forget to record when you drop your pots in the water and remember only four pots are allowed per vessel in 2017.
  • Don’t forget to turn in your harvest report after the season closes on September 15!


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