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Date: December 01, 2017
Time: 3:00 PM


Juneau. . . The Alaska Department of Fish and Game announced today the following clarifications and reminders pertaining to the 2017/2018 winter personal use red and blue king crab season in Section 11-A:

  • Dive gear is an allowable gear type in this fishery; however it differs from pot and ring net gear where multiple permit holders may retain crab caught in a vessel’s pot or ring nets. Diving is an individual event, and harvesting for others, or party fishing, is not allowed. A permit holder utilizing dive gear may retain only one daily limit of crab with the exception of proxy fishing for one other household permit.

  • Participants using pot gear are reminded that king crab pots must have two escape rings on opposite sides of the pot measuring a minimum of 6¼ inches inside diameter and a sidewall opening 18 inches or more which is located no more than 6 inches from the base and parallel to it, secured with a single piece of untreated cotton twine no larger than 30-thread count.

  • Pot or ring net gear can be fished from shore by a permit holder with the same gear limits provided per vessel (1 pot or 2 rings). If pot or ring net gear is left unattended on shore, the lines attached must be clearly marked with the permit holder’s first initial and last name, home address, and the words “No Vessel”.

  • Participants are reminded to turn in their permits to the Douglas ADF&G office immediately once their seasonal household limit has been reached.

Further details regarding this fishery can be found in the November 9 News Release 110917 NR 2.