Emergency Orders and News Releases

Date Area Summary Action
06/10/19 Expires 12/31/19 Juneau Sport Fishing For King Salmon Opens In The Juneau Area Opening
05/23/19 Expires 08/31/19 Juneau Sport Fishing For King Salmon Opens In Hatchery Areas Near Juneau Liberalization
05/16/19 Statewide Alaska Department Of Fish And Game Partners With The Western Native Trout Challenge
05/02/19 Expires 11/30/19 Juneau Southeast Alaska 2019 Lingcod Sport Fishing Regulations Set For The Northern Southeast Alaska Area Restriction
05/01/19 Expires 12/31/19 Statewide Freshwater Sport Fishing Guide Logbooks No Longer Required
04/17/19 Expires 09/15/19 Southeast Filleting And De-Heading Of Lingcod, King And Coho Salmon, And Nonpelagic Rockfish Prohibited In Southeast Alaska Sport Fisheries Restriction
04/10/19 Expires 06/30/19 Juneau Sport Fishing Closed In Peterson Creek Closure
04/01/19 Expires 05/01/20 Southeast CORRECTED: Southeast Alaska Regional King Salmon Sport Fishing Regulations For 2019
03/21/19 Expires 03/31/20 Southeast Southeast Alaska Nonpelagic Rockfish Sport Fishing Regulations For 2019
01/09/19 Expires 12/31/19 Juneau Juneau Area Section 11-A Personal-Use King Crab Fishery To Close Friday January 11th At 8:00p.M. Closure
01/07/19 Expired 06/15/19 Juneau Sport Fishing For King Salmon Restricted In The Juneau Area Closure
01/02/19 Statewide 2019 Statewide Sport Fish Stocking Plan Open For Public Comment