Fish Passage Site 20103959

Coordinates (dec. deg.): 62.45800°, -145.53015°
Legal Description: C008N002W23
Region: South Central
Road Name: Pipeline Access Road

Quad Name / ITM: Gulkana B-4
AWC Stream #:
Stream Name: 3 Sisters


Site Comments: PLMP 659.59

Survey Date: Sep 07, 2020

Survey UPD21-TAP4

Project Supervisor: Kim Clark, ADFG — Anchorage, AK
Observers: Kirsti Jurica, Nicole Farnham

Overall Fish Passage Rating: Gray

Tidal: No
Backwatered: No

Step Pools: No
Construction Year:

Site Observations:

  1. Culvert gradient gray
  2. Inlet perch

Comments: Poorly aligned with downstream channel. Slightly over steepened inlet. Submitted by Kirsti Jurica with CRWP.

Culvert Measurements

ID: 1 Structure Type: Circular pipe (Corrugated steel) Fish Passage Rating: Gray
Length(ft): 48.17
Inlet Type: Projecting
Outlet Type: Projecting
Corrugation Depth(in.): 1.5
Corrugation Width(in.): 3.0
Condition Rating(1-5): 3
Approach Angle: 15.0
Sedimentation At Inlet: Yes
Inlet Substrate: Gravel
Outlet Substrate: None
Width(ft):6.2 6.3
Height(ft):5.48 5.92
Apron Length(ft):
Water Depth(ft): 1.74
Rustline Height(ft):3.8
Substrate Depth(ft):0.42
Backwatered?: No
Baffles Present:
Embedded?: No
Outfall Height: 0.0
Outfall Type: At Stream Grade
Constriction Ratio: 1.03
Culvert Gradient: 0.70%
Max Slope:
Max Slope Length:

Comments: Pipe gradient measured using the top of culvert.

  Culvert Observations:
  1. Culvert gradient gray
  2. Inlet perch

Stream Measurements

Stream SubstratesUpstreamDownstream
Subdominant:Sand/Silt/Clay (legacy)Sand/Silt/Clay (legacy)
Stream Slope(deg.):0.8
Stream Flow Stage:Medium
Stream Width Type Distance From
Crossing (ft)
Width (ft)
Downstream ordinary high water 8.74
Upstream ordinary high water 6.20
Upstream ordinary high water 5.10
Upstream ordinary high water 6.80


Locator ID Culvert
Distance (ft)1
Distance From
Crossing (ft)2
Elevation (ft)
Road Elev 100.02
U/S Thalweg 0.00 93.74
U/S Water Surface Elev 0.00 95.84
U/S Grade Ctrl (Thalweg) 23.00 95.04
U/S Water Surface Elev 23.00 95.68
Inlet Culvert Invert 40.00 94.37
U/S Water Surface Elev 40.00 95.39
Inlet Culvert Top 40.00 99.85
Outlet Culvert Top 88.00 99.49
Outlet Invert 88.00 93.57
D/S Water Surface Elev 88.00 95.31
Max Pool Depth 104.00 92.48
D/S Water Surface Elev 104.00 95.31
D/S Tailcrest or 1st Thalweg 113.00 94.65
D/S Water Surface Elev 113.00 95.22
D/S Thalweg (smooth glide) 188.00 92.14
D/S Water Surface Elev 188.00 94.76


  1. River distance is measured continuously throughout the survey reach along the thalweg of the stream.
  2. Measured from each end of the crossing along the thalweg of the stream.

Fish Sampling Efforts

No fish sampling occurred during this survey.

Fish Observations

No fish observations occurred during this survey.

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