Fish Passage Site 20503918

Coordinates (dec. deg.): 63.02375°, -149.58942°
Legal Description: F022S011W11
Region: South Central
Road Name: Parks Highway

Datum: NAD83
Quad Name / ITM: Healy A-6
AWC Stream #:
Stream Name: Unnamed


Site Comments: Site near MP174.8

Survey Date: Sep 21, 2016


Project Supervisor: Gillian O'Doherty, ADFG
Observers: Mark Eisenman

Overall Fish Passage Rating: Black

Tidal: No
Backwatered: No

Step Pools: No
Construction Year:

Comments: Site sampled at the request of ADF&G Habitat, site was sampled as part of the 2016 Sampling Unmapped Streams in the MSB project. No fish encounter during sampling. Nice habitat upstream and downstream. Site needs full assessment to rate, rated BLACK. Culvert maybe replaced when highway gets upgraded. Stream flows into Hurricane Gulch and there maybe downstream barriers.

Culvert Measurements

ID: 1 Structure Type: Circular pipe (Non-corrugated metal) Fish Passage Rating: Black
Inlet Type: Projecting
Outlet Type: Projecting
Corrugation Depth(in.):
Corrugation Width(in.):
Condition Rating(1-5): 3
Approach Angle:
Sedimentation At Inlet:
Inlet Substrate:
Outlet Substrate:
Apron Length(ft):
Water Depth(ft):
Rustline Height(ft):
Substrate Depth(ft):
Backwatered?: No
Baffles Present:
Embedded?: No
Outfall Height:
Outfall Type: At Stream Grade
Constriction Ratio:
Culvert Gradient:
Max Slope:
Max Slope Length:

Stream Measurements

Stream SubstratesUpstreamDownstream
Stream Slope(deg.):
Stream Flow Stage:Medium

No stream width data available.


No elevation data available.

Fish Sampling Efforts

Gear Type: Smith-Root LR-24 (A)
Comments: Site sampled 9/21/16. No fish encountered. Upper extent of sampling (63.02439, -149.58867)
Gear Type: Smith-Root LR-24 (B)
Comments: Site sampled 9/21/16. No fish encounted. Lower extent of sampling (63.02297, -149.59012)

Fish Observations

No fish observations occurred during this survey.

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