Fish Passage Site 20503480

Coordinates (dec. deg.): 61.31939°, -150.83620°
Legal Description: S014N009W11
Region: South Central
Road Name:

Datum: NAD83
Quad Name / ITM: Tyonek B-3
AWC Stream #: 247-30-10070-2120
Stream Name: Unnamed Tributary to Lewis River


Site Comments: None

Survey Date: Apr 27, 2016


Project Supervisor: Gillian O'Doherty, ADFG
Observers: Gillian O'Doherty

Overall Fish Passage Rating: Green


Step Pools:
Construction Year:

Comments: Culvert has been removed or blown out. Site is not a barrier. Stream is currently cataloged to just below crossing for Coho and king salmon and crosses the Beluga Highway at site BEL 13 about a mile upstream from this crossing. Nice habitat, this creek should be investigated further for species usage.

Culvert Measurements

No measurement data available.

Stream Measurements

Stream SubstratesUpstreamDownstream
Stream Slope(deg.):
Stream Flow Stage:

No stream width data available.


No elevation data available.

Fish Sampling Efforts

No fish sampling occurred during this survey.

Fish Observations

No fish observations occurred during this survey.

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