Fish Passage Site 20501051

Coordinates (dec. deg.): 61.61157°, -149.63910°
Legal Description: S018N002W33
Region: South Central
Road Name: North Phillips Drive

Datum: NAD83
Quad Name / ITM: Anchorage C-8
AWC Stream #: 247-50-10330-2050-3050-4027
Stream Name: Cloudy Lake Outlet


Site Comments: Little Meadow Creek tributary

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Survey UPDATE-1051

Project Supervisor: Gillian O'Doherty, ADFG
Observers: Mark Eisenman, Franklin Dekker

Overall Fish Passage Rating: Red

Tidal: No
Backwatered: No

Step Pools: No
Construction Year:

Site Observations:

  1. Outfall height red
  2. Structural Problem
  3. Mechanical damage or joints parting
  4. Compound gradient in pipe
  5. Inlet perch
  6. Culvert is too short

Comments: Site visit 8/23/18 to assess current site conditions. Downstream fish passage structure has completely failed and has deteriorated and completely filled in. Culvert outlet has corroded away creating a perch at outlet and there is a significant amount of debris inside the culvert. Site rating changed to Red. Road has been widened since 2004 survey and there is a significant amount of road gravel in the downstream channel. Section of culvert at inlet has separated and can be seen in photos inside the culvert. Cloudy Lake directly upstream. Swimming hole upstream from inlet. Full assessment not done, but 2004 assessment showed Red Gradient for site.

Culvert Measurements

ID: 1 Structure Type: Circular pipe (Corrugated steel) Fish Passage Rating: Red
Length(ft): 28.0
Inlet Type: Projecting
Outlet Type: Projecting
Corrugation Depth(in.): 0.5
Corrugation Width(in.): 2.75
Condition Rating(1-5): 1
Approach Angle:
Sedimentation At Inlet: No
Inlet Substrate: None
Outlet Substrate: None
Width(ft):2.0 2.0
Height(ft):1.75 2.0
Apron Length(ft):
Water Depth(ft):
Rustline Height(ft):
Substrate Depth(ft):0.0 0.0
Backwatered?: No
Baffles Present: No
Embedded?: No
Outfall Height: 0.4
Outfall Type: Free Fall In To Pool
Constriction Ratio:
Culvert Gradient:
Max Slope:
Max Slope Length:

Comments: Outfall difficult to measure. Bottom of culvert at outlet has completely corroded away creating a perch higher than 4 inches. Compound gradient in culvert. Inlet damage. Inlet section of culvert has separated.

  Culvert Observations:
  1. Outfall height red
  2. Structural Problem
  3. Mechanical damage or joints parting
  4. Culvert is too short
  5. Compound gradient in pipe
  6. Inlet perch

Stream Measurements

Stream SubstratesUpstreamDownstream
Stream Slope(deg.):
Stream Flow Stage:Medium

No stream width data available.


No elevation data available.

Fish Sampling Efforts

No fish sampling occurred during this survey.

Fish Observations

No fish observations occurred during this survey.

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