Fish Passage Site 20401322

Coordinates (dec. deg.): 61.54779°, -149.26419°
Legal Description: S017N001E22
Region: South Central
Road Name: Nelson Road

Datum: NAD83
Quad Name / ITM: Anchorage C-7
AWC Stream #: 247-50-10260-2019-3020
Stream Name: Spring Creek


Site Comments: None

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Survey UPDATE-1322

Project Supervisor: Gillian O'Doherty, ADFG
Observers: Mark Eisenman

Overall Fish Passage Rating: Red


Step Pools:
Construction Year:

Site Observations:

  1. Hydraulic flows exceeded capacity
  2. Road bank erosion
  3. Constriction ratio red
  4. Structural Problem
  5. Mechanical damage or joints parting
  6. Culvert sagging in middle

Comments: For culvert measurements see 2010 survey. Nelson Road was recently widened, but culverts not lengthened. Road fill coving inlets and outlets and washing into creek. Both culverts and collapsing. Site rating changed to RED. Nelson Road has been closed and this culvert may be removed. Trunk road to the west and a gate at the eastern end of the road have closed vehicle assess to Nelson Road.

Culvert Measurements

No measurement data available.

Stream Measurements

Stream SubstratesUpstreamDownstream
Stream Slope(deg.):
Stream Flow Stage:

No stream width data available.


No elevation data available.

Fish Sampling Efforts

No fish sampling occurred during this survey.

Fish Observations

No fish observations occurred during this survey.

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