Fish Passage Site 20303945

Coordinates (dec. deg.): 60.62100°, -151.33300°
Legal Description: S006N012W11
Region: South Central
Road Name: Kenai Spur Highway

Datum: WGS84
Quad Name / ITM: Kenai C-4
AWC Stream #:
Stream Name:


Site Comments: There is another culvert just upstream on Rhines Road.

Survey Date: Aug 26, 2020

Survey UPD20-SAL01

Project Supervisor: Gillian O'Doherty, Alaska Department of Fish and Game — Anchorage, AK
Observers: Kim Clark, Brian Blossom

Overall Fish Passage Rating: Black


Step Pools:
Construction Year:

Comments: Submitted by Brian Blossom and Lucas Byker (ADFG).

Culvert Measurements

No measurement data available.

Stream Measurements

Stream SubstratesUpstreamDownstream
Stream Slope(deg.):
Stream Flow Stage:

No stream width data available.


No elevation data available.

Fish Sampling Efforts

No fish sampling occurred during this survey.

Fish Observations

No fish observations occurred during this survey.


No photos available.

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