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Wildlife Resource Planning

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) conducts a variety of different types of wildlife or wildlife habitat planning. Each has a unique scale, purpose and intended audience.

Types of Planning: Broad vs. Finer Scale

At the broadest scale, the department’s Division of Wildlife Conservation (DWC) and Division of Sport Fish have created strategic plans to help effectively administer programs and enhance long-term coordination with conservation partners. The two divisions have also prepared a State Wildlife Action Plan (previously called Alaska’s Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy) to identify priority wildlife and fish conservation needs and enable Alaska to receive federal funding through the State Wildlife Grant (SWG) program. Meanwhile, the Division of Habitat works closely with DWC and other divisions to prepare plans for managing land/water use activities affecting fish and wildlife habitat within legislatively designated special areas.

The Division of Wildlife Conservation works in partnership with the Alaska Department of Natural Resources, as well as the Bureau of Land Management, Alaska Fire Service, and other federal agencies to develop and implement the Alaska Interagency Wildland Fire Management Plan. DWC collaborates with other agencies to develop plans for prescribed fire to enhance wildlife habitat.

At a more specifically focused level, DWC’s planning efforts include those that guide management of certain species in particular areas (e.g., moose in Game Management Unit 21E). They also include efforts aimed at protecting resources and preventing user conflicts in discrete locales (e.g., managing interactions between wildlife and humans in the Anchorage area). Planning efforts often engage a variety of other state or federal agencies that have jurisdiction or influence over management issues in the area involved (e.g., management of the Western Arctic Caribou Herd). Plans may address harvest of wildlife species and the requirements of state and federal subsistence laws.

Most recently the division has increased its emphasis on creating plans for managing predator and prey species in certain areas for high levels of human consumptive use, consistent with the state’s Intensive Management law.

Public Involvement is Critical

With the human population expanding, the reality of dual state and federal management, and intense interest by Alaskans and others in fish and wildlife issues, requirements for effectively managing natural resources are growing more complex. Responding to this trend, the department has expanded its efforts to involve the public in wildlife management decision-making.

Public involvement can range from ADF&G seeking input on limited topic-specific proposals, to collaborative processes with high levels of sustained public participation. The more complex or controversial a fish and wildlife issue, the greater the need for meaningful public participation. Decisions in which all stakeholders have a voice are more socially and politically durable than are those made unilaterally by any one entity.

Available Products

In this section, we present links to products in three categories: The first consists of completed plans that are statewide and multi-species in their focus. The second covers active planning efforts that may be accepting public comments, plus completed plans on particular species and species groups, or the harvest of those species. Plans that guide land use and land enhancement activities are the third type of product featured; visit our habitat planning and management section for more information on ADF&G’s involvement in these activities.

Wildlife and habitat plans guide the approach of the department and its partners take in conserving and managing Alaska’s diverse wildlife and fish resources. We invite you to learn more about Alaska species, and get involved. If you have questions about a particular plan, direct them to the most appropriate ADF&G office.

Strategic Plans, Statewide

Species or Species Group Planning

Active Planning Projects

Delta Bison

Wood Bison Restoration

Learn about the life history of wood bison, and their status as an endangered species.

Completed Plans

Additional Information

Addition planning information may be available on a particular species; to find out, view the “More Resources” page of its species profile.

Land Use & Habitat Planning

Special Area Management Plans

Learn more about different types of conservation areas in Alaska.

Fire Management Planning

Learn more about fire ecology, fire management, and the benefits that prescribed burns can have for wildlife.

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